Six Months Later

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Six Months Later

Post by Amelia on Fri Jun 10, 2016 6:58 pm

I just felt like doing an update of sorts, since it's been about six months since the whole fiasco involving my old friend group.

I'm still not really over it. I miss them a lot and finding out they have a group chat with everyone but me did hurt. However, the ex best friend I mentioned did apologize to me and admitted they overreacted, so we're talking on a fairly regular basis. Which is nice, even if the other three of them still hate me.

Moving on.

Regarding this- "Even on the subject of my ex best friend, it's barely even relevant anymore, I guess? To put it crudely, I found someone to replace them rather fast and we agree on 100% more things than me and my ex friend do. We've actually known each other since 2012, (two more years than I've known ex friend) and we're so similar, it's scary."

I just got into a massive fight with them about a week or two ago and we're no longer friends. We were not as similar as I was led to believe. But that's a whole separate topic.

So, I'm still moderately upset about this, but I've definitely begun the healing process.

I have found a new friend group of sorts, even if I only feel attached to one of them at the moment. I definitely don't feel secure, but it's a lot better than where I was six months ago.

As for stuff not pertaining to drama? I'm back to using female pronouns and changed my name. Again. And I'm officially sick of my short hair.

This isn't really venting or anything, is it? I guess it's just stuff I wanted to blab about for a bit.


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