Character Aesthetics

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Character Aesthetics

Post by Mocking on Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:39 pm

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Anyways, yeah. A little late on the trend, but I was wondering if anyone else makes character aesthetic collages/moodboards and wanted to share? Or if you wanted to start, if you Google "collage maker" like the first five results all offer good templates.

I don't make 'em often, but they've accumulated over time. And they might look a little odd because most of my characters are from fantasy or sci-fi settings, and it's darn hard to find pictures to match. But yeah:

Mercenary with a cursed hand hangs out with a Weird Bird all day
Happy-go-lucky flower child uses his own bones as weapons, woah there buddy
Local orphan traps lost travelers in her hell forest
Blade-manipulating vagrant wants to Fight all the time
Son of crime boss disappoints family by seducing his political opponents
Tiefling rogue takes better care of his hair than his friends
Ungrateful hitchhiker kills the people who pick him up and steals their identities
Gunner for dystopian sci-fi military defects with a sentient death robot and has an existential crisis
Emo summons undead dragons from another dimension
Civilian loses everything, becomes machine-augmented monster hellbent on revenge

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