My roommate draws "animals"

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My roommate draws "animals"

Post by Mocking on Fri Feb 10, 2017 7:19 pm

You know that thing artist parents do where they redraw their two year-old's scribbles as decent art? Well, that's what I do with one of my roommates. Except in this scenario I'm the two year-old.

So far we've done:


^ apparently this is my fursona. It scoots along tree branches and draws prey into its leech mouth with its tongue. The only sounds it makes are visceral hunger snarls.


^ it constantly emits a shrieking sound from its gaping mouth to keep predators away. It can leap thirty feet horizontally into the air because of its springlike knife-feet.

My roommate wants ideas on what beloved animal we should turn into a nightmare next! We also did a secretary bird/vulture cross but I don't have pictures atm.

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Re: My roommate draws "animals"

Post by feelingchimpy on Sun Nov 05, 2017 3:03 am

*almost a year late*

You should totally do a chimp lmfao these are great!


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