General gripes

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General gripes

Post by Mocking on Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:26 pm

I like compiling my lists of mild annoyances here from time to time because only like one or two people will ever see it and it's great, like screaming into the void.

- every time I'm finally almost asleep a mosquito tries flying in my ear and it's the w o r s t
- I work with the laziest gd clowns I've ever met and my boss keeps getting angry at me for not, like, babysitting them? they're all nineteen? the job isn't that difficult. our hours got cut to almost nothing. there's no reason for them to be this useless.
- people have been unloading their issues on me 24/7 lately and I don't understand why? like, they know I'm the sort of person that tries to logic out other's problems but can't do much in the emotional support department, so I don't understand what they want from me when they come to me with these seemingly impossible problems and shoot down every suggestion I make. do I simulate the feeling of screaming into the void?
- school starts up again soon and I'm broke and hate my major
- my leg got really messed up about a year ago and it's hurt ever since, so sitting in lecture halls for three hours sucks. also I have a limp now.
- it's not much fun living at my old home, but also not much fun living at my new home, because everyone refuses to take their adhd/anxiety/depression meds and are in a state of nonfunctioning constantly and I'm supposed to pick up the slack and idk it's just tiring, I dislike taking care of people
- I was hesitantly hopeful about getting into a mortuary studies program but have since learned that my chances of acceptance are about zero, because you have to have already worked for a funeral home? how tf are you supposed to get hired in a specialized industry if you've never been licensed for it?
- my tinnitus keeps getting worse and it's super annoying, I can't sleep or concentrate without white noise

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Re: General gripes

Post by feelingchimpy on Sat Aug 19, 2017 3:03 pm

i wish this forum was better at actually marking unread things as unread so i notice them :III

Scream away into this void, I'm glad its useful for somebody!!


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