The Adventures of Jin and Monique (rudra & Mocking)

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The Adventures of Jin and Monique (rudra & Mocking) Empty The Adventures of Jin and Monique (rudra & Mocking)

Post by rudra on Thu Nov 19, 2015 5:57 pm

The Adventures of

~ a The New Benders spinoff ~


lovely cast

Monique- rudra


[ From my rotting body,
flowers shall grow and
I am in them
and that is eternity. ]

∞ Monique Rathburn Ikeda ∞

(many people often say her name wrong and this bothers her)

Gender: Female
Age: About to be 19. Not like she even knows though, because she doesn't exactly remember her birthday.
Race: Flower bender - Has made an alliance with the New Benders and plans to stick with them - bending is strange in the way it works. Her bending is usually used for more self-defense than anything, it's very rare she's able to use it as a deadly force. If you make her mad though, it's surprising what flowers could do. She can make flowers grow again, even if they've died years before. She has no real genetic alter in her body that makes her able to have flowers grow or come from her body.
Appearance: Monique has a strange build to her. She's of average tallish height, standing around 5'9" and weighing around only 115 pounds. This build makes her look rather lanky, but her body is very voluptuous, or in other words, she's got full breasts and large hips with a skinny waste, know as an hourglass figure. Her skin color is that of ivory, and her face is completely unblemished, minus the few freckles that are dotted across the bridge of her nose and over her cheekbones.

Her eyes are that of the bluest sky you'll ever see. They're dazzling, almost so blue they could often be mistaken for white. Her right eye is darker in color than her left and both of her eyes are framed in thick, black and full eyelashes. When she smiles, you see nothing but a row of white teeth. Her smile is accompanied by two, deep dimples. Monique has an average pretty, sharp face, but it's nothing men would fawn over, which she likes. If she was drop dead gorgeous, she'd be wanted for her looks only. Her back is all scratched up from past experiences, and she now contains a few scars on her shoulder and a few burns to go along with it.

Monique has very long, platinum blonde hair that makes her blue eyes stand out like no tomorrow. Her hair reaches a little above her hips, and most of the time, her hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail that most people would think would hurt her. She hates hair in her face, and she doesn't remember the last time she's ever had it down. Her clothing consists of mostly a white t-shirt with black pants, a trench-coat that never stops billowing in the wind, and combat boots. She often keeps knives in her boots or in the side pockets of her trench-coat.
Personality: Monique is a very adventurous girl and loves trying new things; danger speaks to her. Quite frankly, she's wild and reckless. She'll often make jokes just to get the mood up, but not personally insult anyone. She's very blunt when she wishes to be and will smack down tell somebody something, directly to their face. She isn't afraid of anyone else and definitely can pack a punch if someone has it coming to them, always needing to put her opinions in on a subject and make sure people know what she thinks. Her temper could be described as ferocious if she becomes angered and she's not afraid to let things slip off her tongue if she believes you deserve them. Monique always tries her hardest to be calm, and to try and take things in all possible ways. She never likes to jump to solutions or ways to do things, but instead thinks things through. She's a person who likes to take time with things, but, she can be quick-minded and come up with an idea fast if it's needed. Her mind can easily come up with something right off the back. She's a girl full of ideas with an imaginative mind and a way to express it. She's usually very hyper, always ready to start the day, no matter the circumstances. Her philosophy if you wake up alive every single day, what's there to be sad about? Her mood can change depending on who she's talking to. She can be a jokester, your best friend, or your worst enemy. It depends on how you approach her. Her heart has always been in the right place. She's always been a playful person, but at first go, she's a very shy person and she can never find something to say. You know she's comfortable around you when she can joke around with you and be playful with you.

Monique can be a real sweetheart though too. She might not show it all that much, but she cares for her friends like they were family. She's the type of person who'd jump in front of a bullet to save someone she didn't even know. She does have problems with trusting people though. It often comes from her past experiences and she doesn't think people will stay with her through the thick and thin. Monique is a friend until the end though.

She's not a type of person you should underestimate though. She's full of surprises and she's never been one to hold back on something. Her jokes could be the dirtiest jokes out there or the most vulgar ones, she's not afraid to say what she thinks or what pops into her mind at first.
Love?: Maybe Jin considering how things are going, but we'll see what happens.

Jin- Mockingstar


rise  from  the
 DEAD  you  say ?
S E C R E T S  don't sleep  'til they're took to the grave

Jin Noxx
A female Chinese name meaning “metal” or “gold”.

Gender: Male
Age: 20, which he thinks now gives him the right to treat everyone else like a kid
Bladebender || metal x blood || New Bender
Jin’s abilities are the result of a mutated Metalbending gene. His skeleton is comprised of a strange steel/marrow mixture that makes him hard-hitting, difficult to break, and capable of taking serious abuse before going down. He can bring the metal through the surface of his skin to form anything serrated and fight with it. This kind of Bending is painful and results in bleeding from its point of origin, though it makes him virtually untouchable in hand-to-hand combat.
Bladebending is heavily influenced by impulse and emotion, and Jin isn’t too stable in either of those areas.
Appearance: A tall-ish individual at 6’3’’, physique somewhat broudshouldered and toned from a lifetime of constant travel and working in a blacksmith forge. His skin is absolutely lacerated with scars (each has a tale to go with it), though the most prominent is a single horizontal slash far up the bridge of his nose. It skims lightly across both eyelids, which conceal two dark green optics most commonly seen aglow with the intense daring/stupidity of youth. They combine with the wildly uncontrollable entity on his head known as “hair” to make the rest of him look paler than he actually is.

A few pieces of onyx metal adorn either ear. He has absolutely no recollection of how they came to be.

In terms of clothing, Jin’s uniform is pretty standard: a long, black trenchcoat, usually worn open and always ragged. He tends to push the sleeves up to his elbows in case he needs to Bend, and his arms are typically wrapped with bandages from doing just that. He wears combat boots and substitutes his metal toe bones for steel-toe footwear.
adventurous | loud | confident | spirited | independent

First impressions: wow, this guy’s a jerk. Jin likes to tease people and has a dark sense of humor. He struggles to speak seriously about any issue and has a sarcastic comment for every situation, which usually gets him into even more trouble. Anger issues are most definitely prevalent; and while he loves his tricks, when it comes down to it he’s more comfortable settling matters with blades than he is words.

Fearless to the point of idiocy, Jin leaps before he looks and always speaks his mind. When he steps on toes, he breaks them, and if you throw a punch he'll throw one back. He can be arrogant and stubborn, likes fighting and arguing, and is an altogether impatient and sometimes an uncomfortable person to be around, always grinning and barking wolfish laughter.

All that being said, Jin is the first person to defend others, be it physically or verbally. You might not always like him, but you can depend on him. He's extremely protective of those he calls friends, since he doesn't often find people who will tolerate him.

Jin hides all forms of pain and hates being fussed over or worried about.
Long and unnecessary

Jin grew up in a tiny Earth Kingdom town called Ashyn. Ashyn was in the middle of goddamn nowhere. He doubted it was even on the maps. It was an industrious town of intensive farming and what he suspected was probably illegal wheat trafficking. It was also full of racist Earthbenders who thought those without elemental abilities were wastes of space. Jin was included in this description.

His mother gradually turned into an alcoholic when her boyfriend left her. As such, Jin’s home life was nil. It’s a miracle he was born without defect, let alone survived several years in the hellhole he called a house. Jin was quite adept at dodging the gin bottles- his namesake –that were whipped at his head on a frequent basis. He became self-reliant, aggressive, and thick-skinned in order to survive in a town where everybody seemed to hate him for existing. He hated them right back. As far as he was concerned, it was him versus the world.

Jin one night resigned himself to sleeping outside in the rain to avoid going home when the “forge demon”- a woman named Naveen, who served as the forgemaster of the only blacksmith shop in Ashyn and was generally feared by the town –came across him. She seemed to take pity on the “stray” and told him that he could sleep in her forge at night if he worked by day.

That was the beginning of a rather violent companionship. It’s really not much of a mystery were Jin got his temper from. He was already dispositioned to be that way, and Naveen just fed the flames. The two constantly fought. Naveen threw forge hammers, Jin would duck, a rack of unfinished swords would get knocked over, and they’d both start swearing and yelling at each other. It was a strange relationship- in many ways, Naveen was Jin’s only parent figure. She got exasperated when he came back from school covered in cuts and bruises…which was pretty much every day. He couldn’t seem to stay out of fights and generally sucked at the academic aspect of school.

But infuriating as he was, the boy picked up forge skills fast, and so Naveen let him stick around

Naveen later adopted another apprentice off the streets- an elementless girl named Sterling. Jin hated her passionately at first. She was a complete stranger coming in and usurping his seniority within the blacksmith shop. She was also mute; a grotesque scar marred her vocal cords and throat. Her old home had apparently been besieged for “harbouring New Benders”, and she communicated through way of hand gestures (a trick that Jin at first refused to 'lower himself' to learning). She was adept at swordplay for reasons unspoken of- something she taught to Jin in their spare time. The two were soon thick as thieves despite their chasm of differences. They were like Ying and Yang. Sterling was calm. She wouldn’t hurt a fly unless it hurt her first and just brushed off the other kids’ insults. Jin, on the other hand, was a typical “problem child”; about as relaxed as a feral animal and eager to break the noses of whoever looked at him funny. Sterling’s tolerance drove him insane.

Jin mellowed out some as he got older, though not by much. He was still a ball of fury waiting to explode. That day eventually came while Sterling and he were leaving school one evening.

Long story short, a gaggle of kids from their class cornered them, pinned Jin to the ground, and started taking potshots at Sterling, laughing and jeering about how the two ought to leave Ashyn or die because people who weren’t Benders didn’t belong anywhere in the world.

Jin had pretty loose standards on who was okay to punch. But seeing his only worldly friend- whom he felt personally responsible for the safety of –getting smacked around just pushed him over the edge.

Jin, as it turned out, was a Bladebender.

He didn’t even realize what was happening until he thrashed free of the people holding him town and haymaker-punched one across the face. The thought that there might be metal spikes coming out of his knuckles didn’t even occur to him in his rage. Everything hurt. It felt like there were knives stabbing into his body and he didn’t know why. Partially out of wrath and partially out of fear, Jin just continued striking out wildly and accidentally slaughtered the seven boys who had attacked.

Sterling, free of harassment, tried desperately to calm her friend down and restrain him when a blade burst from Jin’s chest and impaled her. That seemed sufficient to snap him out of a trance. He pulled the girl off and tried to keep her in the land of the living, but to no avail.

The commotion had drawn a crowd. A lot of accusations of murderer- because that’s what he was. Jin managed to stagger to his feet and flee town before the rioting mob of farmers with sickles and pitchforks got him, through a few Earthbent rocks nearly knocked him out in the process. He blundered through the wilderness, went through a phase of extreme low, then learned to become completely self-sufficient.

Since then, Jin has always traveled alone, rarely walking with anybody for more than three days or letting himself get too close to them. He moves across the Nations with no destination in particular, simply enjoying the freedom and adventure. He isn't above thievery if it comes to that.

Encountered the New Bender group, met a long-lost half brother, made a couple of friends and got separated again.
Love?: Possibly Monique, though he’s going to fight it.
Other: Quote is from Shadow Moses by Bring Me The Horizon.

I found three contending pictures for Jin, but none of them really fit.


ooo ghost 2spooky4me


mostly the hair, please ignore the rapist glasses and the writing that says "Rapist Glasses"


lower half of face yes I am victorious


Monique and Jin have been separated from the main group during one of their usual escape-the-Chasers routines and now find themselves...lost?

Shenanigans will arise.

I'll format this better later please forgive me ; - ; so tired

also sorry for the weird first post

This is a one x one roleplay for only (rudra) and (Mocking) only!


  •    violence
  •  lots of blood & intense detail
  •  plot-twists
  •  adult language at times

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The Adventures of Jin and Monique (rudra & Mocking) Empty Re: The Adventures of Jin and Monique (rudra & Mocking)

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The Plot (so far...)

The plot so far is that Jin and Monique have been accompanied by two identical brothers named Xi and Kai who are Firebenders plotting against Jin. The group were in the home of a middle man who, under Monique & Jin's noses, was apart of the two devilish twins plot. The plan is to obtain Monique, and have Jin follow after a small cub9that Monique adopted) to see where his "precious" friend, Monique, is at. Little does he know the two twins have something up their sleeves.

It was well past dawn before Jin's body even contemplated waking him. Although the Bladebender would have loved to just lie around and sleep all day, especially given his current condition, something preventing him from doing so. Green eyes slit themselves open against an intrusive beam of sunlight that seeped through the window covering. His head still hurt. Groaning quietly, Jin pushed himself into a sitting position, a mess of disheveled hair and bloody bandages.

He glanced across the room and noticed that the other bed was empty.

"Monique?" he squinted through a healthy swirl of cabin dust. She must've gotten up for some reason...maybe because he'd slept in 'til noon again. Begrudgingly, Jin swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up, shuffling through the door and into the cabin's main living area.

Silence. The fire was dead. Jin's eyes slowly swept the room.

"...Hello?" he tried again. There was a sudden bleating noise as the bear cub appeared from behind a piece of furniture, reaching its paws up the Bladebender's leg as if trying to get his attention. He was too distracted for that. Something was wrong.

The dawn morning was filled with the small squawks of birds outside. The house was utterly quiet except for the occasional crackling of the fire.

Kai awoke and stepped out of bed and towards the door. He reached the living room and spotted Jin--obviously looking for Monique. The small cub was at his feet now, ravaging the end of his long coat with its tiny teeth. It was obviously trying to redirect Jin and give him a head start, but she just looked like a nuisance.

"Have you seen that man or Xi? Neither one of them were in their rooms," Kai told him.

His amber eyes flicked around the room curiously, pretending as if he had no idea that the middle man had taken off with Monique last night while they were helplessly sleeping. Kai now owned a head of disheveled hair and a tongue made steel with treachery. You'd never expect someone, who looked so innocent, to be so good at not telling the truth.

Kai shoved his hands into his pockets and tapped his foot on the floor as if he was nervous.

"You don't think that middle man would be capable of doing something bad like taking them, do you?" Kai questioned with a tilt of his head.

The bear was now bleating more loudly than ever and it scampered behind the couch from where it had came. It returned with rope in its mouth. Later that night when they had been binding Monique, the small bear had managed to nip a piece off before Xi had grabbed its scruff. Kai told Xi to leave it as it would help cue Jin in onto what was going on.

The small cub pawed once more at Jin's legs, dropping the rope at his feet and bleating before running off towards the door.

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The Adventures of Jin and Monique (rudra & Mocking) Empty Re: The Adventures of Jin and Monique (rudra & Mocking)

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The Adventures of Jin and Monique (rudra & Mocking) Empty Re: The Adventures of Jin and Monique (rudra & Mocking)

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The Adventures of Jin and Monique (rudra & Mocking) Empty Re: The Adventures of Jin and Monique (rudra & Mocking)

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