Mocking's Puppets

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Mocking's Puppets

Post by Mocking on Sun Nov 22, 2015 10:35 am

Character forms themselves I store here.

Shenanigans Mocking Will Partake In:

I'm not a huge fan of 1x1 roleplays, but I will very occasionally want to do one.

I roleplay original characters, because using existing ones makes me feel awkward. I'll never do them justice.

My favourite genres are:

- dark/horror
- fantasy/supernatural
- sci-fi (plus steampunk, biopunk, cyberpunk, etc)
- action
- adventure
- anything based on a fandom I might be part of (mostly animes and books; ask for specifics)
- animal stuff sometimes

Plot candies:

- complex plots
- deep/multifaceted characters
- psychological pain
- politics
- worldbuilding
- strangeness and the occasional streak of humor
- blood 'n gore
- the super brief and occasional fluffy moment to offset all that

I'll tolerate romance as a small element of the plot and am fine with any gender pairing. Platonic relationships are totally rad, by the way. Romantic ones just bother me if they're not well-developed or natural.

Not a huge fan of straight-up modern roleplays. But if you want to talk one over, I'm open!

I can adjust my 'literacy' level to fit any situation, but tend to fare best in environments where at least a paragraph of writing is required.

This sounds like a frickin' nature documentary.


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