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The plot (sort of)

The original Explorers of Darkness plot is...more interesting than the gen one Mystery Dungeon games, but my god it's so involved/too lengthy to convert into a cohesive roleplay. So I cut some corners.

Also, the thing with gen two PMD games is that they sort of have two antagonists. I think we settled on Dusknoir and Sneasel?

Anywho. General plot.

  • There's going to be some objects integral to the stability of the Poke-world
  • Bad things will happen to these objects
  • Our homies will try to stop it from happening
  • There's going to be some weird space-time-dimensional shenanigans
  • Spooky boss fights yo
  • Literal death and betrayal
  • At the end of PMD games, the player (so, Joey in this case) fulfills their "mission", or the reason for being transformed into a Pokemon, and disappears
  • So, Joey might be feeling a bit incorporeal after the boss fight at a place called Temporal Tower
  • In Explorers of Darkness they reappear after an in-game month of being assumed dead
  • Happy fun rescue team tomfoolery to fill in the gaps

I have actual concrete plot ideas jotted out in a Google Doc if you wanted to see those??

Out of all the days to get sent on an Oran Berry run, this was probably one of the worst.

That was Shade's singular thought as he trotted down the leaf-littered pathway of Eave Forest, sunlight shifting almost uncomfortably across his back. A breeze that smelled slightly of seasalt blew in from the south- it was easy to distinguish from the earthy tones of the woods -and ruffled his dark fur in many directions at once. The sky above was cheerful, blue, and showed no hints of rain. In other words: a perfect day.

When your village had been built near an ocean, you learned to appreciate nice weather when it came around. Today had been a good chance to head out on a mission...but here he was, running errands for the Guild. 'Earning his keep' or whatever. As if saving doomed Pokemon from the hearts of dungeons wasn't earning enough. The Zorua's nose twitched distastefully. Somebody had to get the Oran Berries, of course- otherwise they’d all starve. But why did it have to be him? This was newbie stuff.

Shade kicked a pebble aside as he stalked along, feeling frustratingly overqualified for the current task. He couldn't pick up any berry scents, either, which made it all an even bigger waste of time. The Zorua paused as a flurry of sound caught his attention from above.

"Hm?" He looked up to see a flock of Pidgy and Starly explode from the treetops and take off in a storm of uproarious cries. His tail swayed back and forth while he watched, afternoon light glinting off the twin onyx rings in his ears when they swiveled in response to the wingbeats. Once they vanished from view, he tried to peer at the place bird Pokemon had come from. It was obscured by bracken and trees. Something must've scared them off.
Maybe it's strong.

Oh, that would be cool. It would liven up the day, at any rate. Shade veered off the path without a moment's deliberation and slipped through the underbrush to investigate, feeling little thorns rake his fur back. He emerged head first in a clearing and dragged the rest of his body through, just fluffing his fur back out when he stopped dead and stared at the strange sight he was suddenly confronted with.


A red-orange shape was collapsed in the grass. Whoever they were, they weren't moving. Shade's sky-coloured eyes blinked with fascination at the sight. Were they an enemy? He began to move forwards again, nose twitching curiously as he placed one silent paw in front of the other. He guessed not- Eave Forest was probably the least dangerous place in the world. The worst that could happen to you here was having some Sentret throw a chestnut at you. Besides, the collapsed figure didn't even smell like Eave Forest. Maybe they were lost?

It's a Charmander, Shade realized once he'd drawn close enough to see the Pokemon's tail; there was a flame burning at the tip of it. Seeing a fire-type in this area was weird. The Zorua's ears pricked forwards as he peered down at the unconscious Pokemon. A fang protruded thoughtfully from his upper lip.

"Hey...wake up," he prodded the creature's side with a red-furred paw. The Zorua's eyebrow markings quirked together. He waited a second before poking the Charmander again. "Hey? Hello? Can you hear me?"

The Charmander in question hadn't realized he was unconscious at all, of course. But at the sound of a voice apparently speaking to him, his brain reacted before his body had a chance to comprehend its signals, and green eyes fluttered open, blurred vision struggling to focus on the creature in front of him. It only served to confuse him further, once he could see clearly. This creature surely couldn't be talking to him? There was a person nearby; that was the only logical explaination. Where was he, anyway?

He managed to force his arms beneath him to push himself into a sit, although his head was plagued by an odd aching sensation that wasn't quite like a headache. He blinked his eyes several times, scanning his surroundings for the person talking, but there was only the Zorua. What? He squinted in confusion, not knowing quite how to react. It was a dream, was it not? It had to be. He eyed the Pokemon - since when did Pokemon have ear piercings, anyhow? - with an air of suspicion, not knowing what to expect in the way of an interaction, here. Dream or not, though, shouldn't he have an escape plan, should this meeting not go well?

He glanced past the Zorua, at the surrounding area and found that he didn't recognize it at all. So much for that... Who knew where a safe place was? Only then did he glance down at the ground, and couldn't help but notice his legs. Orange? Claws?? Then his stomach... yellow... Arms, orange and with only three fingers. He twisted around to look behind him and was met with the unexpected brightness of an open flame connected to his- a tail??? His expression had now become somewhat frantic, as he patted himself down in apparent terror, before looking back to the Zorua who more than likely would have no answers for him. "What is going on?! I'm a Pokemon!!!"

Shade took a step back to give the newly conscious Pokemon some breathing room. He sat down in the grass and tipped his head inquisitively off-center. It looked funny given the size of his ears.

"Well...yeah? You're a Pokemon," he responded, puzzled by the Charmander's disorientation. Could amnesia hit someone so hard that they forgot their species? Anything was possible, he supposed. Shade was then struck by a terrible idea. The Zorua hopped to his paws and twitched his tail back and forth. "You know, like...-"

His very image began to dissolve and fluctuate, then reform into an exact copy of the fire-type, green eyes and all, which he focused intently upon the Charmander. The illusion solidified with a faint glow, and Shade spread his arms out as if in ta-da demonstration. "-...this?"

From the corner of one eye, the wavering firelight of his own tail was distracting. Shade craned his head over one shoulder and stared at the flame, somewhat mesmerized. He turned and stepped into empty space and spun, lashing at an invisible enemy with the appendage. He followed up with experimental slashing movements of his new claws and appeared satisfied with the overall efficiency of his new form. Remembering that he was in the presence of a severely lost stranger and ought to help him, the disguised Zorua looked back to the Charmander, borrowed tail waving languidly through the air behind him.

"What's your name, stranger? Where'd you come from?"

Had the sudden fact that Joey was a different species altogether now not been shocking enough, the creature before him changed its shape.

Had he not been so confused over his own state, he might have recalled reading about Zorua's ability to shapeshift. If he could recall such information, that is. As it was, it only served to confuse and frighten him further. The newly appointed Charmander could not tear his eyes away from the orange and yellow lizard before him as he clawed and twirled and apparently tested out its body in that novel form. All the while, his mind swirled with questions that likely had no answer. None of this was logical. Not a lick of sense. Not possible.

When the Zorua - Charmander? - spoke a third time, Joey found his own voice once more. "I'm not a Pokemon! I'm a human!" His stubby arms waved up and down for emphasis as he spoke, his expression torn between terror and sorrow over this desperate situation he had found himself in. Only then, while thinking of the answer to the questions posed to him, did he make a bone chilling realization. He didn't remember any of it.

"I-" He paused, seemingly scraping his mind. What was his name? J... It began with a J, didn't it? Justin? No... Jean? Definitely not... Joseph... Joe... "Joey?" It was posed as a question rather than an answer, and his confusion was painted clearly on his reptilian face. "I... I don't remember," He grabbed at his head with his claws as best he could, "I just... I don't remember..."

As anticipated, Shade's shapeshifting trick did nothing to help the situation; yet he seemed genuinely surprised by this. The Zorua's four-legged form began to fade back into reality. Green eyes lightened match the sky above and red scales morphed to dark fur as he sat back down almost sheepishly in the grass. His tall ears appeared last, the one with the onyx rings twitching as he peered at the disquieted Charmander- Joey, was it?

"A human..." he echoed with a tilt of his head. Shade had never seen a human before; only heard about them. There hadn't been any in these lands in a very, very long time. Hardly anyone knew why that was anymore. It was just a fact, like snow being cold and needing air to breathe. The Zorua's curiosity begged him to ask more questions, though he decided against it and blinked with what might have been concern. He didn't want to say that he doubted this Charmander, who smelled strange and not at all like the forest, but he did look quite normal for a Pokemon...

Normal or not, Joey was distressed. It was Shade's duty as a rescue team member to aid distressed Pokemon- and there was obviously a reason for the Charmander's memory loss. Shade got to his paws and swished his tail as a thought occurred to him.

"Hey, I live at a Guild nearby...you should come back with me. Maybe the Guildmaster can figure out what's going on...he knows a lot of stuff," the Zorua glanced across the sun-dappled glade to the underbrush he'd emerged from. He looked back at Joey and offered him a foxish grin that displayed a collection of small, pointed fangs. "Oh, my name's Shade, by the way. Pleased to meet 'ya."

He had never heard of such a thing, a Pokemon Guild, but it was his only hope, was it not? The newly changed Charmander had little choice and he was certainly in no position to refuse help. Despite the Zorua's apparently decent mood and friendly nature, Joey found it difficult to focus on returning the kindness, given his situation. Not to the same extent that was being shown to him, anyway. He couldn't exactly say he was overly pleased to meet this Zorua - Shade - considering humans could not talk to Pokemon and this form of an introduction should not be possible in any way logical. The sooner he accepted that nothing about this situation was logical, the more it may begin to make sense in its own way, he supposed. He had to attempt to keep an open mind, and try not to panic. Easier said than done, though, of course...

"Okay..." Joey sucked in a deep breath through his reptilian nostrils, and nodded briefly. "I'll go with you. Thankyou, for helping me. Um, Shade." He seemed to be in thought for a moment or two, green eyes pointed downward, before they lifted to make eye contact with the other Pokemon. "Does this happen often? Um, has it ever happened before?" Assuming a Pokemon version of a Guild was similar to the kinds he knew, there was a chance that they helped people - Pokemon - in distress. Which meant that they would most likely know more than anyone else about the situation he had found himself in. Certainly more than he knew, anyway. At this point, he would gladly accept any information at all.

Shade began to trot back towards the brambles he'd emerged from. The main path was just on the other side. One of his ears flicked in response to Joey's words

"Humans turning into Pokemon?" The Zorua reiterated, tipping his head to watch the sky as if hoping divine enlightenment would strike him right then and there- no such events occurred. His bushy tail waved back and forth to indicate thought. "Ah...I don't think so. I don't think a human's even been seen here before."

Shade's little paws pushed away from the ground and propelled him over a rotting log in a single neat movement. He paused there and glanced over one shoulder at his newfound Charmander companion. One of his red eyebrows was raised in what was probably skepticism.

"Do humans even...you know...exist?"

He let the question hang, then hopped off the log and continued trotting towards the brambles.

"Not that I don't believe you," he added as an afterthought, "but, uh, you do seem a little...out of it."

The Zorua's nose continued to twitch in a futile attempt to locate Oran Berries. He didn't seem to be taking the situation with Joey very seriously. But showing up at the Guild empty-pawed was...not the best idea, if you valued your limbs, so he managed to justify his multitasking state of mind. At least to himself.
Poking his snout into the gap in the underbrush that he'd emerged from, Shade slipped through the briar and found himself on the other side in a matter of seconds. He stepped forwards and fluffed out his fur, stopping off to one side to wait for Joey to venture through.

Well, that was concerning. If this Zorua wasn't even convinced that humans existed at all, did that mean the others at the Guild shared the same doubts? Maybe they couldn't help him, afterall... But they were his only chance. He had no other choice. "Yes," He spoke slowly, as he attempted to piece these thoughts together. He knew that he was human; he had no doubt of that. Even if he couldn't remember anything else... This, he was sure of. "Humans exist, and I am one. ...was... one..." He sighed, finding difficulty in walking with these strangely built legs, and the strange feeling of a tail behind him wasn't helping, either. "You said there's no humans around here, right? Have you... you know, ever heard of any being nearby...?" Highly doubtful, considering the Pokemon didn't seem to believe that humans existed at all. A stupid question, he supposed... But he wanted reassurance that he wasn't crazy. He didn't think he was, but... The fox's reactions were suggesting otherwise. And that was definitely not comforting.

The Charmander struggled through the brambles and underbrush, not thinking to attempt to keep his tail flame away from the plants. It didn't allow enough exposure to actually ignite anything, but smoke did begin wafting from some twigs and drier leaves. The scent met with his nostrils and he turned, his eyes widening a bit, before turning back to the Zorua. "How do I get through here without lighting the place up???"

Shade's attention was captured by a flock of Starly roosting in a nearby tree. His ears pricked towards their excited chattering as he waited for Joey to maneuver through the underbrush.

"I don't think there's ever been a human here before," he replied, nonchalantly as if discussing the weather. "Actually, I don't even know what they look like. Old Lombre told me they were-" the Zorua paused. His voice changed pitches to mimic the decrepit Pokemon's "-'repulsive'. Are they repulsive? Of course, I guess you wouldn't remember, being an amnesiac and all...and Old Lombre is kind of nuts, so...woops. I'm rambling."

He backed off a step to give Joey room to emerge from the bracken, keeping clear of the Charmander's tail. It was currently singeing leaves. With a twitch of his own tail, the Zorua hopped forwards onto the forest path.

"I'm not sure how you managed to avoid burning the place down, actually. Maybe the dew on the grass..."

He set course for home- still no Oran Berries. Ugh. The flock of gossiping Starly fell quiet as Shade and Joey passed under their tree. Dozens of eyes focused on the two Pokemon as if appraising the worth of a meal; though that was ridiculous. Probably.

"...Hey, Shade," chirped one in a reedy voice, fluttering to another tree to keep pace with the Zorua as he walked. "Who's that with you?"

Shade spared the Starly a sideways glance, then looked to Joey.

"He's lost. I'm taking him back to the Guild."

"Oh," replied the Starly, jumping up to a higher branch. "Well, you better hurry out of here. Ma's been in a mood all day. I'm not saying she'd eat you guys, but..."

Ma was the particularly mean-spirited Staraptor who held control over the Starly flocks of the woods. She hadn't tried eating a Guild member in years, but Shade didn't want to push his luck today. The Zorua's little paws moved a bit quicker.

"Ah...right. Thanks."

Never been a human here before... that would explain the Zorua's earlier inquiry as to their realness as a species. Although, not a comforting thought... "Well I'd like to think we're - they're? - not too repulsive looking..." Of course, Shade was right; he couldn't remember. This was all quite concerning... Joey was even beginning to question the validity of what he thought he could remember. Maybe he was crazy...

Joey opted not to respond verbally to the statement regarding his tail flame and morning dew. He wanted to get out of the forest as soon as possible, hopefully to an area that he wouldn't be endangering. The last thing he wanted to do here was show up unannounced and uninvited, only to... well, burn the forest down...

A forest inhabited by Starly, apparently. Who knew the Zorua by name, which made Joey wonder how small a community this was. Was it a place where everybody knew everybody else, hopefully on friendly terms...? ...Well, apparently not entirely friendly terms. Surely, the little bird couldn't be serious. But judging by the Zorua's increased pace...

Joey sped up as well, clumsily. "Hey," He spoke lowly, hoping the Starly wouldn't hear. "They aren't serious, are they? About Ma?"

Shade focused on his paws while his mind tried to come up with a visual of the fabled humans- quite difficult when you really had no idea what you were supposed to imagine. Did they have fur? How tall were they? More than four limbs? He contemplated asking Joey to alleviate his curiosity, but decided against it moments later; the Charmander was already a stressed amnesiac. Pushing for answers would only worsen the situation.

"Eh?" One of his large ears twitched as reality reasserted itself. The Zorua glanced over at Joey and blinked. "Oh...well..."

He grinned in a way that would've been sheepish were it not for his ample amount of pointed teeth.

"Ma doesn't like me much."

Shade hopped over the exposed root of a tree. For a second, it seemed like he wasn't going to offer any sort of explanation.

"...The Guild collects Oran Berries here," his nose wrinkled at the memory. "Gathering some was my first mission as a newbie. I found a big stash and grabbed a few...how was I supposed to know they belonged to a deranged Staraptor?"

It had been an honest mistake- and that was saying something when it came to the thieving fox -but Ma still hadn't forgiven him. Shade dismissed these thoughts with a swish of his tail and continued walking along.
He stiffened and stopped dead a few steps later. The Zorua whirled around with more vigor than necessary, eyes were alight with an I have an idea look that was fixated on Joey.

"Could you maybe...help me find some?" He tried not to sound overly desperate. "Oran Berries, I mean. The Guild might like you better if you bring a present."

Okay, so that was pretty much a lie- the Guild was friendly towards everyone, for the most part. But Shade didn't fancy getting turned into a fur rug today. What else could he say? I'm sort of really incompetent and can't find any stupid blue berries, please save me crossed the line for him; Shade rarely admitted to needing help.

The Charmander listened to the fox's explanation, and it did little to comfort him. So, they hadn't been joking... He hadn't realized that life as a Pokemon could be so dangerous. Then again, where had he thought they got their food? Surely some were carnivorous? Or had the entire race evolved to live purely off of berries and fruits? That didn't seem likely, given that so many Pokemon had sharp teeth that would be perfectly suited for tearing meat, but... He didn't exactly want to think about Pokemon tearing each other apart in vengeful anger at the moment. Shudder...

"Are all Pokemon so..." He seemed to be searching for the least offensive word possible, "...easily angered...?" Okay, so not the best word choice, potentially, but his mental search for kinder wording had come up short. Hopefully he hadn't offended Shade, considering the Zorua was his only hope to find answers and - hopefully - a solution to his... issue...

Joey startled when Shade suddenly whirled around so energetically. Green eyes blinked several times as he considered the request that was being made of him, but did he really have much choice...? He would be indebted to the Guild for their helpful efforts, even if no solution was found - of course, he didn't want to even consider that possibility. He supposed he at least owed this Zorua some form of thanks for taking him under his wing... "S-sure, but, uh, how do we... y'know... find them?" He couldn't recall ever having gone berry hunting, but then again, he couldn't recall much of anything...

Shade's eyes seemed to brighten at the turn of conversation.

"They aren't all like Ma," he replied cheerfully. "Just a few here and there...which is part of the reason Rescue Teams were invented."

Lately, Pokemon all over the land had been reportedly more hostile. Teams were being swamped with dungeon rescue requests and posters of scowling outlaws adorned every Guild's request board; the Zorua decided to omit this part for now. It wouldn't make sense to Joey, anyways.

Shade grinned ferally at the Charmander's response, grey tail waving through the air.
I'm not gonna be a rug today!

"Alright!" He declared, hopping around to face deeper forest, which would involve abandoning the path to reach. "Oran Berries grow in there. They're blue and smell kind of sweet," he glanced over his shoulder at Joey, one eyebrow raised in question. "You can smell things, right?"

Never having been a Charmander except as an illusion, Shade couldn't be sure what their sensory abilities were, though most Pokemon seemed to pick up scents with relative ease. Otherwise they'd all starve to death.
Not bothering to wait for a reply, the Zorua's muscles uncoiled and sent him springing into the underbrush again, where there was an immediate lowering of light levels and lack of wind.

The Starly, still perched near Joey, eyed the Charmander.

"Good luck!" He chirped, lifting away in a flurry of feathers to rejoin his flock.

Rescue Teams...? He assumed they had something to do with the Guild, although he didn't know for sure. Perhaps this would be explained to him later, once they arrived at the Guild? If not, he was sure he could ask someone there. Right now, they seemed to have something else to tend to. At least he had been assured that this world, whether it was the same world he hailed from or not, was not full to the brim of hungry and vengeful Pokemon lurking in trees, caves, and shadows. He hoped.

Blue, smell sweet... "Yeah, I can smell things," Joey made a show of sniffing through his reptilian nostrils as though to illustrate his point. "How ma-" Only after one and a half words of his inquiry as to how many berries they would need to find, the Charmander realized he was speaking to, well, thin air. The Zorua had sprung off into the forest. Joey blinked his eyes once or twice. Well then...

He was admittedly startled when the Starly, whom he had forgotten about entirely, suddenly spoke again and fluttered off into the canopy. "Thanks..." He watched the bird disappear, swallowing to himself. Was the Starly simply being friendly, or was this task truly difficult enough to need luck...? He supposed he would find out. Well, here goes nothing... He did his best to shield the underbrush from his tail flame as he wandered off of the path, looking to his left and right. Blue, blue...

Shade had bounded a fair ways down what looked to be another path- but older, much older, and hardly used at that. Nature had reclaimed the earth trodden flat by what must have been Pokemon feet, covering it with tufts of grass and the exposed roots of gnarled trees. Light was sparser here, but little glowing patches of sun were easy to spot amidst the relative gloom. Some berries thrived in this type of environment. The Zorua's nose was twitching furiously as he tried to pick up a scent. He seemed to have forgotten about Joey in his desperate search for berries.

"Oh!" His ears rammed forwards as he suddenly stiffened in place, head jerking to the left. It smelled sweet over there. Could the search possibly be over already?
That was too good to be true, Shade decided, but what was the harm in checking? With a lash of his tail, the Zorua hopped off the decrepit old deep-woods path into another cluster of bushes, which were flanked by trees.

A few beautiful moments of peace and quiet; then a sharp yelp of what was either surprise or anger. The thicket Shade had entered remained motionless.

Joey struggled his way through underbrush and overgrown grass, finding it quite challenging not to set the entire forest ablaze. It was so impractical to have an open flame attached to his body. How did it even stay there, what fueled it? He held the tail in question in front of him as he walked, staring into the flame with furrowed brows. It just didn't make any sense, yet somehow, he hadn't put any thought towards it until now. He supposed, though, that it hadn't been too terribly relevant to his life until now...

He had to attempt to focus on the task ahead. Finding berries... sweet, blue berries, was it? Why didn't they plant some near their guilt to grow and harvest, rather than trudging through this apparently somewhat dangerous forest to find some? Maybe Pokemon weren't that intelligent, or didn't have the skills necessary to grow things? He wasn't sure. Hard to say...

Of course, any focus he had was redirected when a yelp sounded through the area. "Shade??" Joey followed his ears towards the sound, finding himself pushing through bushes and trees into a clearing, his senses on high alert.

Shade was nicely caught in thick, pale webbing.

He hadn't expected a Pokemon's web to be set right on the other side of the trees; as such, the Zorua had bounded into it head-first and quickly become ensnared in the trap. That was why he had yelped and jerked- the latter did nothing more than get him even more stuck. He could feel his fur being pulled in all directions now. It wasn't comfortable in the slightest.

"Ugh," Shade wrinkled his nose, wriggling against the organic binds and making absolutely no progress. He'd hopped through the bushes and into the web, so he was now suspended an unhappy foot off the ground.
To make matters more frustrating, he could see two Oran Berry bushes ahead of him through the webbing.

The Zorua managed to open his mouth and snap down on whatever purchase was available- even though his fangs were sharp, they had no effect on the silky strands holding him. Then there was a rustling in the bushes, and the Pokemon's sky blue eyes flicked to one side just in time to see Joey push through.

"Ah!" Shade gave an emphasizing wiggle of what was presumably glee, all four paws now nicely caught, and spat out the webbing he'd bitten. His one ear perked forwards...the other was stuck down piercings and all. "Do you have any attacks that can help me out here? Because I'm kind of-"

The web shuddered with elastic violence as something heavy dropped from the trees. Shade went still and dragged his eyes away from the Charmander, trying to see what had landed above him without making any movement...because he had a pretty good idea of what it was.

A large red spider with yellow and purple legs crawled down towards him, pincers clacking together in anticipation.

"Uhm...hey?" Shade tried. The Ariados above him hissed in return.

The Zorua lost his composure and began a furious struggle for freedom, barking a mixture of insults at the spider Pokemon and pleas for help at Joey, like he couldn't decide which he'd rather do.

Joey hadn't known just what to expect, but any idea he had in his mind certainly didn't compare to what sight he was faced with. A giant web... With Shade trapped, apparently unable to free himself. Joey wasn't particularly afraid of bugs and spiders... But a web this size had to have been spun by a monstrous spider, and that was cause for alarm, for sure. "U-um, I-" Of course, he had little idea of what to do. Shade's inquiry as to his attacks only left him more confused. Did he have any attacks? How did he use them? "How do I know what attacks I ha-" The question was doomed never to be completed, a more pressing manner showing itself. A... giant... spider... With Shade in its sights.

Joey couldn't allow his friend to get eaten, but what could he do to help? The Ariados dwarfed him, but - but he had a type advantage, didn't he? Fire, bug... But that only applied if he could figure out how to attack, how to breathe fire... But for now, maybe he didn't need to. As a last ditch effort, Joey sprung forward, flinging his claws down through the webbing in an attempt to sever it, only succeeding in getting his arm caught as well. "Ah!" As he struggled to free himself, back facing the spider who's movements he could now feel through the web, his tail flame brushed against the silky strands... And suddenly, Joey's nostrils filled with smoke.

He twisted around as best he could, only to discover that the webbing was, indeed, on fire.

The Ariados hissed and recoiled from the smoke. Its pincers clicked together as it pondered how to deal with the flames.

Out of all the things he could have done, Shade had started laughing.

It was more a nervous, frantic laugh than anything else. The Zorua was too foolish to fear many things, but the concept of being stuck down to something, then having that something set on fire, then having a carnivorous spider standing over you was too unlucky to not be hilarious. He tried to squirm away from the web until it tugged painfully on his fur. No give. He didn't fancy going back to the Guild bald, either. Gritting his small fox fangs together in a grin, Shade tried his best to look at Joey, which he only managed to do with one eye.

"You really aren't a Pokemon," he commented, more to himself than the Charmander. He forcefully craned his head around to catch a glimpse of the Ariados to the point where his neck looked like it would break. "Okay. So, I'll just have to do-"

The Zorua's form glowed and began to rearrange itself as it had before. A segmented body appeared first, and from it sprouted four long, striped legs. Shade's new identity didn't shine for long...when it stopped, the mirror image Ariados was lifted off the webbing it was made to crawl around on.
The only good idea he'd had all day.

Sort-of Shade moved to where Joey's arm had gotten stuck and bit at the silky web with his new pincers.
"Hop on?" he requested in a voice that was a little too hissing to be comfortable. Given that his current form was illusion, he wasn't sure how long it would last- but Joey was smaller than the spider Pokemon, so it should've been feasible.

"I told you I wasn't, how do I-" Joey was pretty well into a panic at that point, with flames traveling along the web and the Ariados clacking its pincers at an uneasily close distance. It didn't dawn on him that he was a Charmander, and flames wouldn't be an issue for him, or that it would be extremely easy to breathe fire at the bug and roast it. It was a good thing, then, that he was with Shade; somebody who was smarter than he was. Somebody who had... changed forms, again. It was startling, to suddenly have two giant spiders so close to him, until his mind clicked the pieces together enough to process that he had just watched the Zorua use its illusion, not a second Ariados' approach. Of course, Joey didn't hesitate to obey the on-his-side Ariados and immediately leapt onto his back, this time much more aware of the location of his tail flame in proportion to his surroundings, and being appropriately careful. "Hurry!"

Shade bunched his new bug legs and sprung from the web, landing harder than anticipated on the ground. His spider form rippled and promptly dissolved into shimmering red. The Zorua tumbled across the grass with a series of ungraceful oofs, feeling Joey's tail singe his fur in some places as he fell.

Were his illusions really that weak? Shade quickly worked to untangle his own limbs and scramble back to his paws. Jeez. What a slap in the face.

"Is it gone?" he hopped around to face the blazing web. The original Ariados was no longer on it- it was suspended just above the fire from a tree, dangling by more web it had produced. The horn on its head began to glow purple. Oh. Well, that was bad. Shade was practically bouncing as he watched the Ariados ready its Poison Sting. He didn't have any long range moves to counter it, unless he maybe tried blocking them with Fury Swipes on the way down. "Joey!" the little fox yipped. "Fire! We need fire!"

How did you teach an amnesiac Pokemon-not-Pokemon to use its moves? Shade was pretty much out of ideas by that point and ready to blurt anything.

"Think about stuff that makes you mad, or, uh, scared or-" he broke off as the Ariados fired a rain of purple barbs down towards them.

The Charmander didn't fully understand the illusions and now they worked, so he was left more confused than he had been previously when it faded and the two of them went tumbling across the grass. He wasn't allowed much time to get things straight in his mind before the Zorua was jumping beside him, yipping something about fire. Fire? Right, fire... He pushed himself to his feet and turned to face the Ariados, his eyes widening at the sight of the glowing horn. He couldn't recognize the upcoming attack as Shade could, but it didn't take much to know that what he was seeing couldn't be a precursor for anything pleasant...

"Mad?" What made him mad? Well, he knew what made him scared - giant spiders trying to eat them, that's what. So by that logic he should be having no trouble producing a flame. From his mouth, yes? Did it originate in his throat? Stomach? A special gland or organ? Ugh, how could he do it if he didn't even know the mechanics behind it?

Well, he had to try. He braced his small body as much as he could, tensing his muscles as he concentrated on finding the flame that he knew was somehow, somewhere, inside of him. After what felt like a moment, but was more likely a few seconds at most, Joey had strained every muscle he had, but no flame had resulted. That is, until he felt a steadily building flame from within his core. Was that it?

He opened his mouth and willed the heat forward, at first only resulting in an ember or two, before a steady stream of flame followed them and shot through the air at the attacking arachnid.

Shade leapt back as light and heat exploded from Joey's maw.

"Yeah!" he grinned, muscles full of tension. The flames clashed with Ariados' poisonous projectiles, and the two attacks destroyed each other on impact, flashing orange and purple around the clearing. The little fox glanced hurriedly to where the Oran bushes were miraculously intact, though the web-fire was spreading towards them at a rapid pace. Shade's jaw set. They weren't going to take on a crazy spider for nothing- oh no, not if he had anything to say about it. He intended to get what they came for. The Zorua tore off, body morphing into that of a Charmander again as he sprinted past Joey's tail. He could grab more food if he had actual arms.

His eyes, which had this time retained their blue colour, were locked onto the berry plants when something small and green dropped down from the trees in front of them. Shade came up short, bipedal lizard claws grappling for purchase as another, and another, then a fourth creature descended from the foliage.
Clicking their pincers.

"You're kidding," the sort-of Zorua came to a standstill and grumbled while lashing his borrowed tail. The Spinarak began their advances undeterred; he wisely took a step back. Glancing over one shoulder at the clearing smoke, Shade saw the vehemently hissing Ariados drop from its strand of web. Its skin was patterned with ash, and it seemed none-too-happy as it crawled towards Joey with a particularly mean look in its eyes.

Well, the day kept getting worse.

Well, now that he knew how to produce flames, he didn't intend to get eaten by a giant spider. Bug was weak against fire, right? In theory, he could defeat this thing... He was oblivious to the Spinarak that were advancing on Shade, instead keeping his green eyes fixed on the larger spider that was... well, not exactly thrilled with him. He couldn't say he blamed it, but he had to defend himself. He opened his mouth again, muscles tensed as another stream of flame shot from his mouth directly at the giant spider. Hopefully this time without a barrage of venomous projectiles the attack would reach Ariados and manage some real damage. Not enough to like, kill the thing... Just wound it enough that he and Shade could get away unscathed, and return to the guild or whatever it was, where he could be turned back into a human and life could go on as normal as if none of this had ever happened.

Too hellbent to be deterred, Shade's body crackled red as he shed his Charmander appearance. It was much easier for him to maneuver with his usual number of legs.

"Only four?" he leered down his foxish snout at the advancing Spinarak. Tsk- a few bugs weren't going to stop him now. Or ever.

The Zorua lunged forwards and landed directly on top of one of the small spiders, using it like a springboard to pounce on the one crawling behind it. His paws glowed a purple-black and seemed much better at putting the new Spinarak beneath him out of commission; it made a squeaking noise and went limp.

Shade made a beeline for the Oran bush, bypassing the last two enemies. Possibly a mistake. The remaining Spinarak turned and shot strings of web towards him. Just as he made a final jump for victory, just as his jaws closed around one of the berry bush's branches, the Spinarak's webs snagged his tail and tried to yank him back
Stuck again.

Well. That was a problem.

Meanwhile, the Ariados closing in on Joey received a faceful of fire before it could do anything to avoid the attack. Its hisses mixed with the sound of flames, and amidst the cloying smoke, it seemed at least temporarily suppressed.

Only once the Ariados seemed to be at bay did Joey realize that Shade was in trouble. He whirled around to check on his companion, quite alarmed to find that there were now Spinaraks as well, one attacking Shade even as he surveyed the scene. Well, no matter... He could breathe fire now. If he could damage the Ariados as he had, a Spinarak should be no problem, right? Again, flames streamed from his maw at the offending bug, effectively searing the creature. Perhaps that would be enough of a message to make the others retreat. That, or it would only make the Ariados angrier... He gulped, turning around to test his theory. Hopefully these weren't its offspring. ...Did Pokemon have protective maternal instincts?

Shade's teeth gouged the berry branch's bark as he held on for dear life.
There's no way, he contemplated the immense tugging on his tail, that a little spider can possibly be this strong.

But it totally was, and so the Zorua found himself in an embarrassing conundrum.

Just as he was sure the tiny beast was about to rip his tail clean off, the Oran branch he'd anchored himself to creaked. Shade went crosseyed to see- oh no, was it bending? A hairline fracture appeared on the wood.
It bowed. It snapped. Blue eyes wide with shock, Shade flew back in a glorious cascade of leaves and pieces of bark, most of which lodged themselves in his fur before he hit the ground.

Then there was fire. The Spinarak that had been oh-so-kindly assaulting him withered under the heat. Hastily, Shade sprung back to his paws and whirled towards his savior.

"Leaving, leaving now!" the Zorua's words were seriously muffled thanks to the berry branch still clamped in his jaws. Webs streaming from his tail and Oran fruits thrashing about, he sprinted past Joey back towards the thicket they'd emerged from and hoped his new Charmander companion had the good sense to follow.

The clearing was on fire, full of angry spiders, and Shade had crippled an innocent plant, but it seemed like the two Pokemon had survived their ordeal.

Joey was no fool; he had no desire to stay where he was, surrounded by fire and fifty shades of angry bugs that were entirely too large for their own good. He clambered after the Zorua, maneuvering through the bushes as best he could without bothering to attempt to shield the leaves and branches from his tail flame. It would only slow him down, and the clearing was already crackling away behind them... Just how much damage had he inadvertently caused? Would the Guild still feel inclined to help him after he had set the forest on fire?

"H-hey, Shade?!" He asked as his clawed feet pounded against the grassy earth, "W-will the forest be o- ow! - okay?!" His first day as a Pokemon, and look at the damage he had caused! The sooner his natural human form was regained, the better. Obviously, Joey wasn't cut out for this life at all. He never would have imagined that living as one of these elemental creatures could be so difficult, not to mention perilous. How had he never realized it before?

"Zeh foress 'il be ine," Shade replied from around a mouthful of branch- presumably the forest will be fine. Or so he hoped. He didn't vocalize that part. There were so many Pokemon living in the forest, there was no way they'd let the fire get much bigger, plus it had rained last night so the leaves were pretty-

The bedraggled Zorua stopped short as a dark shape came flying at them from the treetops. It took his brain a moment to worry it might be another Ariados, then a moment after to realize it was much worse.
'Ma' Staraptor flared her wings and came in for a landing directly in front of them.

Shade's paws skidded for purchase on the grassy path. He almost crashed snout-first into Ma's chest and quite wisely took a hop back from the ferocious bird, who glared down at Joey and his four-legged companion.

"Ma!" Shade let the Oran branch fall from his mouth. He grinned sheepishly at their newest obstacle like she was something one could charm their way around. "I was, ah, just heading back to the Guild, so..."

The Staraptor fluffed her feathers.

"Really," a statement of nonbelief. Her sharp red eyes roved from the Zorua with twigs stuck in his fur to the Charmander next to him, to the broken Oran branch on the ground and to the smoke twisting skywards behind them. She didn't look very impressed as she refocused on Joey with an accusatory glower. "A new recruit, hm?"

Joey could hardly believe the luck they were having, as he skidded clumsily to a stop. As if the Ariados and Spinarak encounter hadn't been bad enough! Who knew a bird could be so big, anyway? Or a spider, for that matter... Either way, the identity of the Staraptor wasn't left to the imagination for very long, and it was just as Joey had feared. Surely, though, they had been joking about Ma eating them...? The orange lizard smiled nervously and tucked his arms behind his back as best he could, given that they weren't quite as long as he was used to. "H-hello..." He swallowed, "I, uh, I need some help, y-you see, and Shade said the guild could help me, s-so...?" Why was she looking at him like that?? It sent shivers down his spine, and he was almost finding himself to be more afraid of her than the hoarde of spiders…

Ma blinked at Joey and ruffled her feathers again. Her red-tipped crest was slightly reminiscent of a bloody scythe and not comforting in any way.

"...Your doing, I presume?" she nudged her head in the direction of the smoke spirals, which were now attracting quite a bit of attention. Flocks of bird Pokemon flitted around the scene while their ground-dwelling neighbors scurried from the underbrush; the air filled with alarmed cries and requests for someone to get water.

"It was an accident!" Shade piped up, stepping forwards and drawing himself to a full, unimpressive 2'07''. A few leaves came free of his fur and floated to the ground. "Besides, some crazy Ariados attacked us. What were we supposed to do, let it?"

Ma turned her piercing stare, contemplative, towards Shade and the Oran branch in front of him.

"All this trouble for that?" her voice was too unimpressed to even count as a sneer. "Well, I'd hate to keep you back from your Guild- really -but don't you think I deserve a bit of compensation for this mess? After all, now I have to go calm everyone down. It's a hassle."

Shade's pelt bristled- it was difficult to tell because it already stuck out at every which angle and had ensnared several twigs.

"Did you see what we just went through for this?" he snapped at the Staraptor. "No way. You have a whole forest full of berries. Go bully someone else!"

Ma made a noise that was a slightly more evil take on laughter.

"Shade," she shifted forwards a step, curved talons gouging the forest floor, "are you sure you want to drag your friend into this? How about you hurry back to your Guild."

The Zorua tried not to flinch under the large bird's advances. He hated Pokemon that thought they could just take from smaller, weaker creatures, like the Mightyenas had taken his home forest. And yet, there was nothing he could really do. Forcing Joey into fighting Ma with him seemed like a rude and all-around terrible course of action, especially given that the Charmander had a raging case of amnesia and finding someone who could help was on the top of his to-do list. Then again, Shade had his tricks. They could probably outsmart Ma and still get away with their prize if they cooperated.

Deciding that it was fairest to give Joey some kind of say in the matter, he glanced at the Charmander and awaited a verdict. It was too bad neither of them had telepathy.

It was all the Charmander could do not to shrivel. This buzzard certainly didn't seem friendly. Or impressed. He supposed that was understandable, though, and it was his fault... Even so, her actual intentions were difficult to read and it wasn't comforting. He gave Shade a look of unsurety, giving a shrug of his shoulders. Whether or not the guild had berries wasn't any of his personal concern, at the risk of sounding ungrateful and selfish. But, was it worth having a Staraptor pick them out of her beak and talons over? "Maybe we should just go...?" There had to be other places where they could obtain food. If they explained to the guild what had happened, perhaps they would understand...? They were outmatched, without any doubt. Were a few berries really worth all of the trouble?

Shade gave a barely visible nod. He hated giving into the tyrant-bird's demands, but had to concede that the Guild would be even less happy if they returned torn to shreds than if they returned empty-pawed.

"It's all yours," the little fox said with cloying saccharine, keeping his eyes glued to Ma for any sudden movements as he stepped around her.

Fortunately, Joey and Shade's run-in with the Staraptor was the last obstacle they encountered in leaving Eave Forest.

It was a blessedly uneventful fifteen minute travel back to Eavetown. When the two at last emerged on a clear and sunbeat dirt path, there was no actual town in sight. Just a four-way crossroads marked with signs- to the west, Eavetown Square, to the north Eavetown Guildhall, and to the east read Rescue Route. There was ocean salt on the breeze, and one of sharp hearing could discern the sound of crashing waves even from their current distance.

"We're almost there," Shade affirmed as if the sign weren't blatant enough. Excitement of sorts quivered in his voice. "We can visit Town Square later, maybe."

The Zorua's strange pierced ears jangled as he trotted northwards, picking up speed. Earthen steps were carved into the incline of a hill, and he took them two or three at a time, occasionally slowing down to make sure Joey didn't get left behind. The steps weren't always the easiest for bipedal Pokemon.

At the top, the sound of waves was much louder. They were on a cliff overlooking an ocean, and before the two Pokemon stood a structure that was almost like a miniature, more friendly-looking version of a castle.

There were two towers flanking the sides, connected to a mossy, ivy-covered cobble structure in between them with a peaked roof. Stone bridges arched overhead, and the whole thing itself was build on top of an embankment with what appeared to be windows set into the sides. There were gardens around the premise, though they contained bitter-smelling berries not like the blue ones found in the forest. The front of the guildhall was guarded by a gate.

"Stop!" ordered a voice from one of the watchtowers when Joey and Shade approached. An Ampharos' long neck appeared over the side. "Please state your- oh, Shade. It's you," he craned over the side of his post; it became evident that he was wearing a white bandanna. He blinked curiously. "Hey, who's the Charmander?"

"Joey," Shade replied, shifting impatiently from paw to paw. "Can you open the gate, Tessie? I need to find the Guildmaster right away."

"Oh, sure," Tessie turned away, tail waving behind him in compliance. He glanced over his shoulder. "But, uhm, I should probably warn you that Seraph's in one of his moods again..."

One could visibly see a shiver go down Shade's spine fur. Tessie vanished from sight, and a moment later the gate began to sink into the earth.

Joey followed closely behind Shade as they exited the forest, taking in all the sights and smells (his sense of smell was heightened now, afterall) of this strange and unfamiliar area. It was a far cry from what he was used to... At least, he thought it was. ...He felt out of place, here, anyway. It was eternally frustrating to not remember anything...

He was grateful when they finally seemed to be coming onto their destination. What he hadn't expected, though, was for an apparent watchman - Ampharos - to suddenly yell for them to stop. He jumped when the voice called out, momentarily wondering if they would have to battle yet another Pokemon, but his concerns were put to rest when the Ampharos recognized Shade by name. He opted to keep quiet and let the Zorua do the talking, awkwardly waving a clawed hand as a greeting just before the gates opened. Of course, as the two of them passed through the newly exposed entrance, the Charmander looked down at Shade. "W-who was he talking about, being in a mood...?"

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Shade's claws began to snip against cobblestone, a carefully laid pathway appearing suddenly under his paws. The Guild seemed to take good care of its estate.

"Seraph is..." he trailed off at a loss. The Zorua's red brows furrowed. "He does all the cooking and cleaning and stuff, but he's kinda...touchy about certain things."

The castle-like Guildhall's massive wooden doors swung outwards as they approached. A figure slipped out and began to stride away from the building; a tall, lean young Gallade who wore some sort of badge of office. He nodded his head at Joey and Shade as he passed.

"...That was Sheriff Rell," Shade supplied once the larger Pokemon was out of earshot. "He deals with outlaws once Rescue Teams catch them."

He doubted all the talk of guilds and teams and sheriffs made much sense to Joey. Just something else to explain later, he supposed. Wedging his snout between the door and its frame, Shade trotted through the entrance, nudging it with one of his back paws so it wouldn't slam shut on the Charmander behind him.

"I'm home!"

The Guildhall opened up into a large rectangular room made completely of stone and wood, with live ivy growing down the sides and various small flowers poking up through the rock; up above were more levels still. It was bustling with Pokemon of all shapes and sizes- but closest to the door Joey and Shade had entered from was a red-faced, very distressed looking Gardevoir whose attentions were elsewhere.

"Sheriff Rell totally noticed me that time, right?" its voice was a little on the higher end but distinctly male. He barreled towards a window, sideswiping Shade with his flowing gown of a body, and pressed eagerly against it. His hands had the sill in a death grip. "He noticed...right? Right?!"

A Piplup sitting at a small wooden table within hearing range scoffed.

"He probably thinks you're a lady, Seraph," the Piplup said, snide, "I mean, you are wearing a dress."

A blue glow suddenly outlined the penguin Pokemon and the table he sat at. They were both hoisted into the air as Seraph turned his head towards them, expression dangerously dark and a humorless grin plastered on his face.

"The Sheriff definitely noticed me for once," the Gardevoir insisted, and the Piplup was knocked cranium-first into the table he floated with. "He did, so keep your beak shut, you-"

"Hey!" Shade barked, bushy tail waved back and forth. "Would it kill you to say 'welcome back' or something?"

Seraph's head snapped towards Shade and Joey upon realizing they were there. In a few short seconds, his demeanor completely changed.

"Shade!" the Gardevoir exclaimed, letting both table and Piplup drop to the Guild floor, the latter with an indignant squeak. Seraph wrung his hands together and smiled in a significantly less insane way; head tilted, voice sweet. "Where are the berries? And who's the Charmander?"

The Charmander filed these names under memory as much as possible, knowing that he would likely need such information at a later date. He opted to keep his curiosity regarding Seraph's 'touchiness' to himself, for now. He would most likely find out through experience, if his gut told him anything.

Joey slipped through the door, mindful of his tail flame. He definitely did not want a repeat of the forest incident in any way, shape, or form. And especially not here, at the Guild that was apparently going to help him.

Well, if anything, he was certainly correct in assuming that he found find out what the Zorua had meant regarding Seraph and his touchy subjects. He watched wide-eyed as the Piplup was attacked, swallowing a gulp when Shade addressed the one responsible. He had been concerned that the tone Shade took with the Gardevoir would have angered him and caused a similar punishment to them, but thankfully, that didn't seem to be the case.

Of course, when Seraph asked about the berries - and Joey - the Charmander in question swallowed nervously and glanced uneasily at Shade.

Shade briefly returned Joey's glance. The Zorua cleared his throat and shuffled from paw to paw, gazing up at Seraph with either a very convincing bravado or genuine fearlessness that borderlined stupidity.

"Well, ah, you see, Ma kinda took our berries..."

"Hmpf, how typical," harrumphed the Piplup behind Seraph, back to his feet and beak tilted up in haughty dignity. He leveled a snide look at the two Pokemon across from him. "Honestly, Shade, you don't even deserve that Rescue Team licen-"

A blue glow outlined him again, and into the air went the penguin.

"Nevermind the berries," Seraph's sweetness intensified to a point where it was almost scary. The Piplup levitating behind him was spun in dizzying in circles by psychic energy. "Now, about your little friend here..."

"This is Joey," Shade replied quickly, fighting to keep his attention on Seraph and not the penguin he was flinging around like a ragdoll. "I found him in the woods. Is the Guildmaster here?"

Seraph's pink eyes flicked over to one of the staircases that led to another level of the Guildhall.

"In his study. He's seemed a little occupied lately," the Piplup now danced absent ballads through the space behind him and looked quite close to throwing up. Seraph shook his head lightly and smiled down at Joey. "Welcome to our Guild, by the way! Feel free to stay as long as you need. We have lots of rooms."

Deciding that the Gardevoir's violent outburst combined with his sudden kindness would weird out even the most profoundly grounded Pokemon, Shade began herding Joey away towards the staircase.

"Thanks!" he called back over his shoulder. "Oh, and maybe you should...um...put Azriel down now?"

Seraph smiled again in response, but the Piplup behind him kept spinning.

One thing was for sure; Seraph was freaky. His mood swings, anyway... He seemed nice enough when he was being, well, nice...

Joey found it difficult to not keep his eyes on the Piplup, and wonder if he would soon be experiencing something similar. Of course, when Seraph addressed him, he decided that it would be best not to ignore him or seem otherwise distracted. "Thankyou-" But he was being effectively herded towards the indicated staircase and he didn't fight it. The Gardevoire's behavior made him uncomfortable at best, but he was just grateful that he wasn't hurling through the air.

He turned to Shade and looked a little relieved, but still nervous. "He's... nice," He changed the subject immediately, "Do you think the Guildmaster will know how to help me...?" A dumb question perhaps, but the prospect of staying a Pokemon with no memory wasn't exactly... pleasant. This was the only lead he had.

The staircase had been mercifully designed with large, flat steps; minimal distance between them that allowed vertically challenged Pokemon like himself to climb without being winded by the end. Shade took the first one with enthusiasm.

"The Guildmaster? Yeah, probably," he paused on the second stair up to glance at Joey. "He knows stuff about things. I'm sure he can help you."

With that vague description, the Zorua turned to continue his leaping ascent.

It didn't take very long to reach the Guildhall's second level. Pokemon milled about up there, too, and it was likely a good thing that none of them attempted to interact with Shade. Ma and Seraph had been enough excitement for one day. Quickly, the Zorua navigated the busy corridors that overlooked the Guild's lower level.

"All these halls branching off lead to where the Guildmembers sleep," he explained while passing by one of said hallways. The Zorua's strange pierced ears twitched before he continued somberly, "you get a room and all your meals here, but they really bleed you dry of money."

Again, he doubted the information would be helpful to Joey, but he also assumed knowing a bit about where he was might make the ordeal less nerve wracking. The Guild was noisy.

Shade finally reached a large wooden door. It wasn't particularly ornate. It was just a worn, wooden door with a crest painted onto it: a red Pokemon's head featuring a crown of three horns and sharp yellow eyes detailed beneath them. Here the Zorua paused. He extended a paw and scraped at the door, not possessing any means of knocking.

"Guildmaster? It's Shade and Joey. Can we come in?"

There were several seconds of silence. Then the door creaked open a sliver and an odd purple glow leaked out of it, seemingly enticed by the mention of a new name.

"The Guildmaster is busy," said the voice inside Joey and Shade's minds. Shade had grown quite used to this- the Lampent seemed unable to communicate any other way.

"Please?" the Zorua persisted. "It's really important. This Charmander has amnesia and says he used to be human."

The Lampent's small yellow eyes peered out at them for a few more wordless moments. The door then opened wider to allow them in.

Well, at least he knew that the Guildmaster was knowledgeable. In theory, even if the Guildmaster couldn't help him directly, perhaps he would know who could, and how? Joey mulled over these thoughts - hopes and, admittedly, a bit of concern - as he carefully climbed the stairs. The legs he had now were quite different from what he was used to, afterall. If nothing else, he would certainly have a higher level of respect for Pokemon after this fiasco; he hadn't had any idea that their lives were so... difficult, and so dangerous.

As Shade explained the ways of the Guild, the Charmander decided that now wasn't quite the time to point out that he had no money to be bled dry of. Hopefully the Guildmaster would be understanding of his situation, given that he had up and changed species with no recollection of how or why... He couldn't exactly be held accountable for that, could he?

Of course, upon approaching the Guildmaster's quarters and being greeted by a... living lamp...? ...the last thing Joey expected was to be spoken to in his mind. The voice almost seemed to echo within his head and it was startling, but he managed to keep himself composed. He didn't want to be rude, of course; especially not to Pokemon who were being gracious enough to help him. Hopefully. The Lampent's initial reaction wasn't encouraging, but at least the door was open now. Green eyes turned to the Zorua, as though waiting for him to enter first.

The Guildmaster's quarters were eerily quiet compared to the rest of the Hall. There was no shouting, arguing, or Piplups being spun through the air via psychic energy. The door nearly clicked shut on Joey and Shade's tails as Lampent hovered briskly past them.

"This way," it instructed, leading them down a length of intricately carved stepping stones. It wasn't as if the two Pokemon had anywhere else to go, anyways-- surrounding them was nothing less than a forest of crammed bookshelves, which not only dominated one floor but extended to a second level of the library.

At the end of their path was another double door. It swung gently inwards, likely the work of Lampent even though it hadn't touched them. The ghostly Pokemon floated in front of the duo it had escorted.

"Guildmaster, some Pokemon wish to speak to you. Do you have a moment?"

At the farthest end of this new room stood a tall creature, shiny and red with the same three-horned crest depicted on the doorway. A tattered but billowing black scarf had been tossed over his shoulder to rest between two silvery wings. He was staring out a large window and did nothing to acknowledge the trio at his door. Without warning, Lampent retreated from the room, arms shoving Joey and Shade farther into the foreboding space.

Not wanting his newfound companion to feel anything akin to fear, Shade stepped forwards and cleared his throat.

"Guildmaster Red?" he had to admit, his voice sounded pitifully small in such a place. Mission failed. Almost statue-like, 'Red' turned away from his outlook, yellow eyes razing the other Pokemon. Shade tried again.

"I found Joey when I was in Eave Forest. He was passed out in a clearing..." he cast a sideways glance at the Charmander, a silent cue for him to continue the tale.

Joey followed carefully, allowing his eyes to skim over their surroundings. Books? He hadn't known that Pokemon could read... Then again, he hadn't known they had guilds and buildings and anything of this nature at all. He thought they were feral animals living in forests and rivers. Clearly he was not in the know, here.

He decided against asking questions, for now. He didn't want to offend anybody, particularly not the only source of hope that he had for returning to his proper human form, his proper life, and his proper home.

When they finally reached the Guildmaster, Joey swallowed nervously and was quite startled when the Lampent suddenly pushed them in and retreated. That wasn't a good sign, was it?

Either way, it was his time to speak. He cleared his throat and did his best not to allow his voice to crack or shake, attempting to project confidence. "I was a human, but I don't remember anything, sir. I woke up and I was a Pokemon, and that's all I know." Hopefully this wasn't an unbelievable story, one that would be assumed a hoax or a joke and get him thrown out. All he could do was wait and hope and not worry too much.

The Scizor's sharp yellow eyes remained fixed on Joey as the Charmander told his story. Though the metal insect Pokemon seemed to have fairly limited facial expressions, his gaze gradually narrowed while he listened.

"...A human..." he echoed, clawed arms crossing one of the other and eyes closing in silent contemplation.

There was a long pause before Shade worked up the nerve to say something. He tilted his muzzle towards Joey and whispered so as not to disturb the thinking Guildmaster.

"The thing is, nobody's ever seen a human before. We're not entirely sure they...y'know," he waved a paw through the air, "exist...?"

The Pokemon-exclusive world was in fact protected by legendary creatures and various magical artifacts. As far as any insider was concerned, humans were myths. Guildmaster 'Red' opened his eyes again.

"No. This would explain something," he said. His voice had a certain steely rasp to it. Kicking away from the floor and scarf ends flapping behind him, the Scizor's wings carried him high up to yet another bookcase-- this one was inlaid in the wall. One claw scanned over the spines. "I don't know the exact details, but Joey may be related to the recent influx of natural disasters."

He cast a look down at Joey. "Would you be willing to stay at our Guild until we can look into the matter?"

Joey was, of course, terribly nervous. The Scizor was intimidating as anything and Joey's fate literally rested in his... claws? As such, his extended silence was quite nervewracking, and Shade's explanation didn't do much to soothe his anxiety. Would the Guildmaster even believe him? What would happen to him if he didn't?

Thankfully, the final response after some thought and looking into books seemed to be a positive one. At least, the Guildmaster wasn't totally dismissing the concept of what Joey was sure had happened, and he even seemed to want Joey to stay... At least he wasn't being thrown out. "I'll stay - um, thankyou, sir." He didn't quite know how to address him and it did feel awkward, but he had to show his gratitude somehow. He was going to look into it... This matter was being taken seriously. But there was one thing that was a little confusing. The Charmander turned to Shade. "Natural disasters...?"

Shade had plunked down while the Guildmaster talked and now scratched thoughtfully at one ear with his hindpaw. The piercings there jangled together.

"Oh, yeah," he stopped, shaking out his fur before looking at Joey. "There's been a lot of natural disasters lately in villages, caves, forests...that kind of thing. So we've been getting a ton of rescue requests."

With a sharp-toothed little grin, he added, "but that means money, so I'm not complain-"

Clang. The Guildmaster dropped back to the floor directly in front of the Zorua, who squeaked and almost jumped out of his fur.

"Alakazam knows more on this topic than I," the Scizor's downwards leer was directed at Shade, though Joey was caught in the crossfire. He folded his claws over each other again. "I'll consult him. In the meantime, Joey, please make yourself at home. Do you mind staying in Shade's room?"

His terror forgotten, Shade turned to face the Charmander with a sort of awestruck, exuberant look in his eye. It didn't seem like he'd had a roommate before. Or a friend, for that matter.

Joey listened with a bit of alarm, really, as Shade described the peril their world had apparently been seeing lately. He really, really hoped they didn't think he was causing all of it-

Shade wasn't the only one who was frightened by the Scizor's sudden drop to the floor, and Joey shrunk a bit at the leer, even if it wasn't intended for him. The Guildmaster was definitely intimidating, there was no doubting that... The Charmander had to wonder, then, if Alakazam would be as daunting? Hopefully not, but he would find out in time.

"I-I don't mind?" He turned his gaze to Shade, as though it was a question for him to answer. He didn't know how much power Scizor had over these decisions, but it would be better if Shade was alright with Joey staying in the same room, right? He didn't want to cause any trouble or tension within the guild, that was for sure.

Shade's tail thrashed back and forth-- which looked a bit odd, given that Zorua tails weren't that long.

"This'll be fun!" he declared, jumping forwards in a shimmer of black-red light. He mimicked a Charmander form and wrapped his lizard arms around Joey in an impromptu hug. "Don't worry- I'm sure you have nothing to do with all the floods and earthquakes!"

Well-intentioned as he was, there were times when Shade just needed to keep his little muzzle shut.

The Guildmaster turned away from the excitable Zorua and his anxious looking companion. The study's doors opened without him touching them; the perks of having a psychic, lamp-shaped assistant.

"Rest assured, we'll resolve this matter," the Scizor said as he strode out. Clearly the Guildmaster had other places to be.

Shade detached himself from Joey. His temporary Charmander tail flicked hazardously around behind him.

"Ready for a tour?"

Joey was growing more and more used to his new set of legs by the time the tour and such was completed. It was a lot to take in, all things considered... He had earned himself a good night's rest, if nothing else. Although, he did wonder how a creature with an open flame on its tail could safely sleep somewhere, without setting everything ablaze... He would need to ask about that...

Either way, he was just glad that these Pokemon had actual rooms to sleep in. He would have imagined them as feral creatures sleeping in a bush, or something. This was a little closer to what he was used to. ...What he thought he was used to.

"Do you think I'll ever remember anything?"

The question may have come out of the blue, but he had been lost in his thoughts and it was something that he wanted an answer to, even though he had a feeling he was asking the wrong Pokemon. Shade had signed up to let him share his bedroom, not be able to see into the future and predict the happenings.

Shade was rummaging around his room, sparsely decorated save for the vines creeping along cobblestone and the solitary window. One nest was already made up-- the tufts of dark fur stuck to it indicated that it belonged to the Zorua.

"Eh?" Shade glanced over his shoulder at Joey. His mouth twitched into a foxish grin. "Of course. Your memories can't stay gone forever. We'll hunt 'em down."

That obviously wasn't how amnesia worked, but Shade seemed happy enough to use it as an answer. Besides, the Guildmaster had said they'd figure it out. He never said anything he didn't mean...or at least not in Shade's experience.

The Zoura was rifling through a chest and suddenly placed both of his front paws on the lip to tip it over. Various apparel items spilled across the floor, in many different colours and sizes. As a creature with little metal hoops piercing his ears, it wasn't surprising that he had a trunk full of assorted Pokemon clothes.

"Do you want anything?" Shade nosed through a pile of bandannas, eyes flicking to the Charmander and back as if trying to colour coordinate him. "Most Guildmembers wear things to distinguish teams, so I'm just thinking it might help you blend in. And I mean..."

He slipped his head under the loop of a cape and flipped it dramatically over himself with one paw.

"I have a lot."

From Joey's limited knowledge, he didn't think that things worked like that as far as retrieving memories, but this was a Pokemon world, and things were very different. For all he knew, psychic type Pokemon could do exactly that with the right techniques. That would be the best case scenario, really... But he didn't want to get his hopes up.

He couldn't help but notice as Shade rummaged around, and although he was curious as to what he was doing, he didn't ask. Joey didn't want his entire existence to be question after question. He couldn't imagine that having paws would be very efficient for this sortof thing, though, and almost wanted to offer his help... But he wasn't quite comfortable with his strange new limbs just yet. Short arms, odd legs... Open flame on a tail. He would have to learn to keep that flame in the back of his mind, lest he burn the entire place down. That... probably wouldn't make the guild want to help him very much.

Once the Zorua gave up on sifting through the chest by hand - paw? - he tipped it over quite abruptly and Joey nearly jumped, but managed to limit his reaction to a small flinch. Clothes...? Did Pokemon wear clothes? Joey had never seen one wearing any... that he could remember.

"Would a bandanna catch fire...?"

Shade had wiggled his way out of the cape— honestly, why did he even have it? Dungeon loot was dungeon loot, he supposed –and gave Joey one of his quick, sharp-toothed grins.

“A bandana’s fine, ‘long as you don’t hug your tail in your sleep,” he replied, wheeling around and beginning to nose through piles of apparel. Half the stuff there didn’t even look like it would fit someone as small as the Zorua. He located a cluster of bandanas and dug around some more until finding one he deemed suitable, glancing quickly between Joey and the fabric as if trying to match the greenish-blue colour with his eyes.

“Perfect,” he said with a complacent snicker. ”Now we’ll look professional.”

That was still up for debate when a figure came rushing into the room, tiny and tottering. A flustered Pichu.

“Shade,” she squeaked tearfully, “Shade, they did it again!”

The aforementioned Zorua peered around Joey at their visitor. His eyes narrowed.

“Orochi and Rook?” he asked. Pichu nodded.

“They took my Thunderstone,” she said, flopping down on the floor in defeat. “I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Shade flicked an ear back. Orochi and Rook were one of the Guild’s more successful Rescue Teams, which was counteracted by the fact that they also bullied its weakest members.

“Where’d they run off to?” he inquired.

Pichu sniffled and said miserably, "Beach Cave."

Shade nodded. "Alright. I'll definitely get your rock back. I mean-"

He glanced over at Joey. "-We'll go get your rock back...?"

It would be unfair to force the Charmander into anything else today, which Shade realized a moment too late. Pichu sprung back to her feet and looked up at the two with shiny-eyed wonder.

"You will?"

Joey did spare a thought to why Shade had some of the things that were being uncovered as he dug through the pile, but he opted not to ask. Instead, he offered a grateful smile - or what he hoped was one. This face didn't quite work exactly the same as the one he was used to operating - and went to work with tying the bandanna around his neck. Again, more difficult than it would have been were he using his actual body. Charmanders had short arms and hands that were practically useless, he was discovering.

He jumped a little, much to his embarrassment, when a tiny Pokemon crashed into the room rather suddenly, crying about... well, Joey wasn't sure. Shade seemed to understand, though, for better or worse. Because now Joey had been volunteered to do something that he didn't know much about, if anything.

The Charmander swallowed. Not wanting to be the bad guy, he nodded his head, although his expression was unsure. "S-sure. But, um, who are Orochi and Rook?"

Not sure if this was exactly something that Joey would thank him for including him in, Shade gave both the Charmander and Pichu a reassuring grin. Which lost some of its reassuring quality due to the sharpness of his teeth.

"They're a Rescue Team here," he replied, starting to trot towards the entrance to his room. "Not very nice ones, though. They think they can push everyone around just because they have a-" he wrinkled his nose with a haughty sniff "-one-hundred percent success rate'."

Both Orochi and Rook's sneering faces came to mind. Jerks. Too bad the Guild's actual top Rescue Teams couldn't come back for a few weeks to put them in their place.

"Thank you!" Pichu scurried along after Shade. "I'll save you guys seats at dinner!"

((*skippity skips on over to Beach Cave to avoid walking posts*))

It wasn't a far walk from the Guild. Shade took a path that sloped downwards, and after a short while the sound of the ocean could be heard. The air began to taste like salt.

"Nobody's ever been out that way before," Shade mentioned, flicking one ear towards the vast sea as his paws pattered across the beach. "Maybe that's where humans live?"

The Zorua was still skeptical about the whole concept of humans, but didn't have any more time to contemplate it. The beach's end loomed into view-- a yawning cave mouth made of craggy, reddish rocks. It seemed to breathe a cold wind out at them. Drawing closer, Shade turned around and sat on the sand, bushy tail resting by his paws as he fixed his eyes on Joey.

"I guess this is your first mission, huh?" he tilted his head. "But don't worry, we'll be fine! Beach Cave is barely even dangerous."


"Ah...any questions before we go in?" he added on quickly.

Joey took a moment to wonder about how they could be considered a rescue team if they were effectively bullying smaller and weaker Pokemon, but he decided to let that slide for now.

What was more important was focusing on getting to this Beach Cave, which was nearby, as it turned out. Joey was grateful for that, with the short and awkward legs that had been bestowed upon him. Although the idea of being so close to the ocean, water, was a little... well, he didn't want to think about the idea of a tail flame coming into contact with it. He would make a point not to fall in.

The mention of humans caught his attention immediately and his head snapped into the indicated direction, squinting a little as he considered that possibility. "I've seen places like this, but I don't think I recognize this place." He couldn't rule it out as a possibility, though. But even if he did find the human world again, how would he be able to return to his true form? Would he be stuck as a Charmander forever?

"Um, I guess I should probably ask what Orochi and Rook are?" Pokemon had type advantages and disadvantages, didn't they? That would be useful to know...

Shade's ears pricked forwards.

"Ah! Right," he hopped back to his paws. "Orochi's a Servine, so that gives us an edge. His partner is a Krokorok."

That made things a bit trickier. They weren't known as one of the Guild's better Rescue Teams for nothing.

"We can take 'em," Shade completed the thought dismissively, turning to face Beach Cave's entrance. "We handled those Spinarak and Ariados okay, so a couple of hotheaded reptiles won't be any trouble."

He almost added that maybe they could just talk it out, but decided not to give Joey any false hope. Orochi and Rook never talked anything out. They just did what they wanted by force.

Well. No use worrying about it. Shade stepped into Beach Cave.

The interior was clammy, and the ground was made of rocks, sand and the occasional tidal pool.

"Places like these are called Dungeons," Shade explained as he hopped over puddles of ambiguous depth. "Some Pokemon like exploring them just for fun, but a lot of times they're looking for items or treasures. And when they mess up and get stuck or lost, they send rescue requests to guilds like ours."

Moisture sticking his fur together, the Zorua tried to leap over another tidal pool.

"The biggest problem is that the local Pokemon in Dungeons aren't very-"

Just as his front paws touched sand on the other side, there was a splash. A Shellder came snapping out of the pool and clamped its jaws around Shade's tail, dragging the lower half of his body down into the water with it.

"-...Friendly," Shade finished through gritted teeth. His ears flicked back as he gave Joey a beseeching over-the-shoulder glance. "Help...?"

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon [Izaiah & Mocking] Empty Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon [Izaiah & Mocking]

Post by feelingchimpy on Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:02 pm

Servine and Krokorok. Did he know what those were? Joey should have spent more time getting to know Pokemon when he was a human, he now realized. Then again, though, how could he have known this would happen? People just didn't fall asleep and wake back up as Pokemon, that wasn't how things worked. ...Not normally. He didn't think so. He hoped not.

Either way, the tone in Shade's voice wasn't exactly comforting. A Servine was apparently not much to worry about, but the Krokorok sounded suspect. He would find out when they got there, but he wasn't sure that he wanted information that vital to be sprung on him at the very last second before he had to make use of it. Shade didn't tell him any more though, so he assumed he knew what he needed to for now, and nodded to his companion. He just hoped that Shade wasn't sugarcoating it for his benefit.

The cave itself didn't seem overly welcoming, but his tail flame provided illumination that would be useful to them. He held his tail around himself and in front of him to light his way, and also to know that he wasn't going to accidentally get it wet. He could see how somebody could get lost or stuck in here, but since Shade was part of a rescue team, that meant he knew what he was doing, right?

"I hope we don't get lost. How often do peop- ...Pokemon, get lost here?"

Before he could have reacted to anything else that Shade was saying, though, what appeared to be a rock with a tongue leapt out of a pool and latched onto the little foxlike creature, startling a yelp out of the Charmander, who took a step back, wide-eyed. After a moment's observation, it was obviously a shell, not a rock. And it seemed angry. Would one of those jump out at him next?

"How do you... will it let go? Should I be doing something??"

He felt as lost and useless as ever, shifting his weight between his feet, not quite knowing what to do.

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon [Izaiah & Mocking] Empty Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon [Izaiah & Mocking]

Post by Mocking on Mon Nov 23, 2015 9:59 pm

Shade dug his claws in for traction. The Shellder chomping on his tail wasn't trying particularly hard to drag him into the water, but it was still an unpleasant feeling. How did Slowpokes find it desirable in any way?

"Pokemon get lost plenty. A lot of 'em don't know what they're doing when it comes to exploring. That's why we're professionals."

The little fox Pokemon said this, but he didn't seem very 'professional' with a clam latched onto him just minutes after entering Beach Cave, which was widely regarded as the simplest cave to traverse in the entire Poke-world. Combined with their botched Oran Berry quest, today was just a neverending embarrassment. But there was no need to let Joey know that.

Shade glanced back over his shoulder at his Charmander companion, one ear flicked back as pain twinged in his tail. "Give this thing a good wack on the head and it'll let go. Please."

He twisted his grimace into a sharp-toothed smile instead. "Like I said, the Pokemon who live in Dungeons aren't very friendly, so a lot of the time you'll have to wack 'em."

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon [Izaiah & Mocking] Empty Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon [Izaiah & Mocking]

Post by feelingchimpy on Sat Dec 05, 2015 5:57 pm

(ahahahahah I forgot to watch this topic for replies *shot*)

Professionals? Shade could speak for himself, Joey had never been a Pokemon before - now that was a sentence he never would have expected to think - he was far from professional. He had to wonder a little just how professional the Zorua was, anyway. In the very short time that he'd known Shade, he had gotten into trouble on both occasions where they were outside of the Guild. This wasn't quite as bad as the last incident, but then, they had just started. There was still the cave to navigate, not to mention the two bullyish Pokemon that they had to somehow face.

They couldn't do that until the Shellder released Shade's tail, though. Joey wondered briefly how hitting it could accomplish anything given that it was protected by a shell, but who was he to question a Pokemon about their world?

Cautiously, he approached the pool, sure to keep his tail flame far from it. When he was close enough for his short arms to reach the Pokemon he inhaled, nervously, and smacked it on the head in an awkward motion. He wasn't used to his new limbs yet, he didn't know his own strength, none of this was familiar to him at all.

The Shellder stayed firm. With a huff, Joey hit it harder, and again, and finally with the fourth hit, it let go, bubbled at the mouth, and sunk back into the water.

"Phew." Joey stepped back from the water, just to be safe. "Are you okay?" One thing was for sure, he would be watching his back from now on. He didn't want a clam on his tail, no thanks.

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon [Izaiah & Mocking] Empty Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon [Izaiah & Mocking]

Post by Mocking on Mon Jan 04, 2016 7:37 pm

((Sorry for the long-ass wait, my roleplays are spliced over multiple sites now and I keep forgetting some of them *also shot*))

Eagerly, Shade scrambled over the edge of the pool once the clam weighing down his tail was knocked loose.

"Yep. A-Okay," the Zorua affirmed, giving his tail a quick glance before flashing another sharp-toothed smile at Joey. "Thanks!"

As if nothing had happened, Shade trotted off. His eyes swept the interior of Beach Cave in appraisal. The walls were formed of a strange blue stone, moisture running down its crags in rivulets, and tunnels split off in three different directions.

"Alright. Dungeon crash-course time," Shade said as he gave the air a sniff, trying to determine where each of the tunnels led. "Dungeons are made up of floors. So, to keep moving, we need to find the stairs leading to the next floor. But sometimes tunnels just lead to empty rooms."

The middle corridor smelled less musty than the others. Taking this as a hopeful sign, Shade flicked an ear and began to make his way towards it.

"Think your tail can light the way? Beach Cave isn't too bad...sometimes Dungeons can be pretty dark, though."

The Zorua's tone was rather conversational as he explained the nuances of Dungeon Exploration while they walked; the added bonus of finding money and treasure along the way, 'monster parties' that occurred when the Dungeon natives attacked all at once ("But we don't have to worry about that in this little cave, nu-uh"), and traps that apparently appeared in larger Dungeons. Shade seemed to find the topic invigorating and hardly stopped talking long enough to notice how Joey was taking the onslaught of information.

"Anyways, I bet Orochi and Rook went all the way to Beach Pit-- that's the heart of this cave-" the Zorua broke off as they entered a new room. In the back corner was a staircase roughly hewn from the same blue stone as the walls. A Kabuto was dozing in front of it. Practically bouncing on his paws, Shade turned to Joey.

"Alright! Your first official Dungeon encounter," the fox grinned. "Want me to go wake it up for ya'?"

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon [Izaiah & Mocking] Empty Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon [Izaiah & Mocking]

Post by feelingchimpy on Fri Jan 15, 2016 11:24 pm

((Its totally fine, I'm in the same boat as you. I have to keep track of 3 or 4 sites that I RP on now, how do??? Sorry if this is short, I'm using a laptop and can't tell how long this is compared to my usual posts))

Stairs? Did Pokemon actually build these dungeons? The thought seemed strange at first, but then again, Pokemon essentially had what humans would consider superpowers. On second thought, maybe that wasn't such a surprising thing. Joey had just never really stopped to think about the lives and abilities of Pokemon before. Maybe he should have; he had dismissed them as mere animals, but already, it was obvious that they were so much more than that.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, here!"

Getting used to remembering that he had a tail, much less one with a burning flame, would take a little more time. After a few tries at attempting to synchronize the movements of his arms and tail he managed to get a grip on it to hold the tip out in front of him. This thing was a pain at times, a flat out deadly danger at others, but it did have its convenient uses, he had to admit that.

Either Pokemon lived much more dangerous lives and didn't balk quite so easily as humans did, or Joey was a wuss, he was discovering. Monster parties was not a pleasant thought, but Shade chirped his explanation of that in the exact tone that he had used to describe treasure and money. Did Pokemon actually enjoy fighting? Was that a stupid question to ask? Joey knew that humans used them for that, but was it actually consensual?

Too much to consider all at once, he decided, as another Pokemon came into view. That was a much more pressing matter than the morality of making Pokemon fight one another for human enjoyment.

"Wait, what? Will it attack us if it wakes up?"

Nervous green eyes flicked from the Kabuto briefly before returning to Shade.

"Can't we just... sneak past it?"

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon [Izaiah & Mocking] Empty Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon [Izaiah & Mocking]

Post by Mocking on Tue Jan 19, 2016 2:43 pm

Shade nodded his head vigorously, tufts of fur displaced by the motion.

"Sure will," he glanced back to the dozing Kabuto. "But it's too close to the stairs to sneak past without wakin' it up. It'll definitely attack in either case...so you might as well get a surprise hit in, yeah?"

Joey's hesitation brought Shade's racing thoughts to a halt. He quit bouncing from paw to paw and sat back on his haunches, blinking at the sleeping enemy across the room before looking back to Joey. Maybe he'd been a bit overeager to drag his new friend off into a Dungeon-- after all, if the Charmander was really a human, even Beach Cave could seem daunting. Somehow that detail kept slipping his mind. Joey had already been forced to become a Pokemon. It wasn't fair to force him into anything else. Shade flicked an ear as the gears in his tricky fox brain turned.

"Actually, I have an idea," he declared, donning his usual sharp-toothed smile. He shifted back onto his paws and in the same fluid motion morphed into the sleek, scuttling form of a Kabuto. His beady new eyes trained themselves on Joey. "I'll confuse it, and you can sneak past it to the stairs."

The Zorua's voice had distorted into more of a hiss-click tone, though it was still comprehensible.

((Feel free to have this plan go over smoothly or go horribly awry, eheh

In other news I need to airdrop you a copy of this game so you can play it and cry at the ending like the entire fandom))

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