Admin Intro: Evan

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Admin Intro: Evan

Post by OnlyEvan on Wed Nov 18, 2015 8:33 pm

Hey all! I'm your friendly neighbourhood Canadian, land of bagged milk, maple scented $100 bills and moose crossings.

That aside, I was just Evan on Swizeo though I previously went by both Abaddon and James there too. If its of any importance to you, I'm gay and trans so thats a thing, not that it particularly matters. The only things is I tend to have characters who are one or the other or both of those things.

On the topic of characters, and therefore roleplay I am a paragraph/multiparagraph, proper grammar, prose style rper, open to most roleplays. Fandom specific, I roleplay Planet of the Apes (reboot) as OCs and Ash, and as OCs in the XMen and Shadowhunters/The Mortal Instruments/The Shadowhunters Chronicles universes. I tend to avoid canon characters but I have been curious about doing a trans!Sherlock AU maybe, at some point. That said I am a member of more fandoms than I rp in and if you want to get me into a non-anime (I am anime-picky for some reason) show, book series, webcomic, or other media thing go right ahead! I do mostly roleplay male/male (or male/nb or nb/nb) ships and only approach female/male ships from an incidental/slow build direction where I know the chemistry and personalities of the characters will keep my interest despite my lack of desire to rp straight ships. Sorry!

As an admin I am open to all questions regarding rules/function of site/etc, with the understanding that our main admin/creator (Izaiah) and I are often already talking and I will conference with him on most if not all decisions and complicated matters.

Truth though? I am a lot less stuffy than this sounds and I spend most of my time outside school flopped in various places and positions with tea/coffee, my tablet and two novels and a sketchbook within reach. I lose pencils, doodle in margins, snack too much except when I literally forget to eat, stress lots and as basically a squishy human mess!

Also I like penguins and orange. A lot.

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Re: Admin Intro: Evan

Post by feelingchimpy on Thu Nov 19, 2015 4:31 am

I'm absolutely shocked that you went through an entire intro without mentioning penguins until the last sentence! Razz


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