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Post by chaos on Wed Dec 09, 2015 10:08 pm

There are two worlds, the one which we liv in and the one of monsters. Now many believe that the monsters are evil and are bent on trying to kill all humans but it is the opposite many humans tried to kill all the monsters as they were fearful of their powers and wanted to be number 1 and the only number one out there they invaded the world and the monster daughter back but we're not strong enough but than the leaders of all the speeches joined to call apon the most powerful monster, the celestial King who turned out to prefer to fly under the radar. He was a combination of many sources he had the size of an ogar, the single eye of the cyclops, the wings of a dragon, the magic of a witch, the fangs of a vampire, the legs of a centour while running, the tail of a sea searpent while swimming, and the claws of a Phoenix while flying, and the hub of all this was human like body which many monsters refuse to believe there true king is part of that race. He destroyed many armies of the men but could not keep going so he created a barrier between the worlds that neither could cross but that was thousands of years ago and now the humans are weakening the barrier and we have been tasked to re summon the king. Wearer hybrid monsters with max 4 types in us. A detailed description of your powers and appearance is needed please give a 300 words or more to describe the mor of you can draw it a pic and 100 words to describe their powers. I'll add mine later my phone is going flat so sorry

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