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Post by Mocking on Mon Jul 11, 2016 8:19 am

    Since I haven't written a general overview in a while:
  • I'm a multiple paragraph poster, though I can adjust my post sizes
  • 1x1 or groups
  • I try to post at least once every 1 - 3 days (proofread/third person/past tense) but will inform you if something comes up; please bear in mind that come September university resumes, so my replies will slow down
  • Totally okay with slow-paced roleplays
  • My favourite genres are: fantasy, science-fiction, horror, action/adventure, post-apocalyptic, historical, and crime (although I'll go for anything if the plot interests me)
  • My least favourite genre is: romance. As a side-thing it's fine, but when it's the focus of a roleplay I tend to lose interest
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Plot candies: blood and gore, worldbuilding, plot complexity, character development (hnnng character development), open world/exploration
  • I don't mind doing fandom-based roleplays, so ask about specifics!
  • There's examples of my characters on my Charahub

From others, all I really ask for is that you write similar post sizes and communicate so that we both know what's going on. I want to write with people, not for people, so collaborative planning and discussion is A+

Anyways, here's a slew of ideas. Nothing about them is set in stone, and I'm 100% open to suggestions and changes. If you have plot ideas, too, I'd love to hear 'em.

The City Project:

sci-fi, horror/dark, dystopia, action

When civilization ran its course and the world went to ruin, a classified measure known as "The City Project" was implemented as a last-ditch attempt to preserve humanity. All remaining resources and people were divided into groups and sent to various continents to re-establish society. Out of one hundred projects undertaken, only three remain; colossal paragons of human willpower and ingenuity, walled miracles amidst the wasteland that is their planet.

While the Cities have been able to undertake enormous leaps in science and engineering, the way a City runs is totalitarian: heavy military presence, surveillance, unsentimental citizens, serial codes, and frequent tests to ensure physical and mental abilities corresponding with the status quo. Everyone is sorted into the work force based on an aptitude test and the main goal is maximum contribution of the individual. It's an intellectual but frigid world. There is no such thing as defect or weakness. If you cannot keep up, you aren't a mouth worth feeding and are disposed of, or demoted to a lower class rank that allows you to be exploited by more "useful" citizens without repercussion.

The City's ultimate peacekeeping force are the. B.R.I.M. --Biologically Re-engineered Inhuman Militants, more machine than man. Their sole purpose is to crush dissent and have their strings pulled by the government to further the City's cause. Wherever they go, death follows. They have no names save for what monikers the people give them.

The general plot of this roleplay: a few B.R.I.M. will get in touch with their humanity, attempt to resist those controlling them, and find themselves battling both angry citizens/rebels who don't believe they can change and the government/regular military/other B.R.I.M who don't want them to.

The subplot: angry City occupants who can't stand the oppression any longer decide they'd rather die at the hands of B.R.I.M. than go on living in such conditions. These would mostly be the lower-class citizens who are not considered important, and who have experienced the worst treatment. Insurgency and riots will ensue.

The kicker: B.R.I.M. are both protagonists and antagonists. Also, every B.R.I.M.'s body is heavily augmented with machine parts. These weapons/defenses/etc are called Apparatuses, and they use them to fight. You have creative free-reign here.

Addresses the philosophy of evil, morality/mortality and the like, if that's your thing.

Shanties (needs a better name lmao):

mystery, suspense / thriller, horror, paranormal / supernatural

1667; the High Sea. Miss Farthern's Oceanic Asylum was the only vessel of its kind. The crew of weathered old matrons and their charges sailed the oceans, only stopping at ports to deliver their orphans to other asylums and pick up new ones who wandered aimlessly along the docks, forgotten by society.

One day, however, their vessel was attacked by a pirate ship with The Drunken Whale emblazoned on its side. The matrons were slaughtered and the children taken captive, subjected to cruel mistreatments by the pirates and held in the brig when not being used for their entertainment. The children eventually escaped and retaliated, slitting the sleeping pirates' throats one night and dispatching the others via mutiny. But with no land to sail to, they quickly ran out of food and water. Eating dead bodies did them no favours. The children perished.

It's now 1702. Elizabethan era Britain-- the first telecommunicator has been invented, and there's a patent for some bizarre new contraption called the typewriter. Recently, there has been a string of very odd disappearances. Criminals convicted to hang have simply vanished from their cells, traces of a struggle evident. Because they were on death row, everyone assumes the worst of the prison guards and declines further investigations.

The criminals, however, are not dead. Not yet. They awake on a strange vessel, sopping wet and with a lantern and pack of matches set before them. The ship is unnaturally massive, devoid of a crew, but well-stocked with supplies. They don't recall how they got to be there, or why, or who they were before arriving there.

Welcome aboard The Drunken Whale.

The plot: meeting up with other amnesiacs, the characters begin to suspect something is wrong with being on a crewless ship that sails itself. And soon they find that they are not alone.

The cycle works like this: every week, the evil spirits still imprinted on the ship take one person (or turn the others against them), killing them to the theme of a shanty. The characters will have to explore the ship and try to find clues to their pasts; if they can figure out why they ended up there, they've been promised their lives. They have one month.

(Drunken Whaler from Dishonored--

week one: Stuff him in a sack and throw him over
two: Feed him to the hungry rats for dinner
three: Shoot him in the heart with a loaded pistol
four: Slice his throat with a rusty cleaver)

The kicker: all of the mental stress and drama that comes with being stuck on a cursed ship with a bunch of other criminals.

Also, this one will really require characters with elaborate/thought-out backstories that we can tangle up with others', so if that's your thing then boy do I have good news.

White Noise:

sci-fiction-ish (slightly more advanced modern Earth)

To be honest I don't have much planned for this yet. Basically, one day the world just starts being engulfed by...nothing. Just white, dead air, slowly and gradually obliterating the planet. An absence of matter. It starts in the east. All communication is lost with those inside the 'white noise'. Nobody is sure what it is or how to stop it.

However, when the global scientific community rallies to address the issue, it is soon discovered that, properly equipped, people can actually enter the White. A reconnaissance team is assembled and inserted into the affected zones.

From here, I have no clue. Crazy sci-fi shenanigans. Maybe they find the missing people in stasis. Maybe the zone is full of weird fuckin' specter/alien creatures. Who knows.

    Less fleshed-out plot seedlings:
  • something to do with the black plague idk
  • vikings or pirates
  • demons/demon hunters-- bonus if dystopian cyberpunk society
  • cyberpunk, solarpunk, steampunk, dieselpunk, etc
  • nitty-gritty Dark Ages vampire shenanigans
  • some sort of modern political bs involving "weaponized" psychopaths/the medical suppression of emotions to achieve political ends; government groups essentialy sending psychopathic assassins after their rivals
  • suspicious castle on the edge of medieval village accounts for numerous townsfolk disappearances; its gates were always locked but swing open one night, people adventure in to investigate, idk this sounds like a D&D plot
  • necromancers
  • urban/modern fantasy, heck yeah
  • something that involves a pit fighting arena, probably in a post-apoc society
  • some possible fandoms include: Pokemon/Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, HtTYD, Avatar: The Last Airbender, basically any anime from my weeb list

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Post by Mocking on Mon Aug 22, 2016 5:17 pm

Bumping this because I kind of want to do a Pokemon roleplay?? I came up with a Trainer character who's part of the Joy family (and inherited their pink hair), but he's really grumpy and doesn't want to be a nurse, so he takes off to try and beat all the Gyms instead and shenanigans ensue.

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