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♦ A roleplay originally on Swizeo ♦

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long spoiler ahead!

Some would call him a late bloomer, and they would be correct. Rather than begin his journey at the age of ten, Izaiah had held off for six years. Even now, he was nervous about the prospect of being on his own, but if it meant finally having a chance to have a Pokemon, he was going to do it.

The laboratory was daunting, looming over him with some odd sense of unease and unsurety seemingly radiating from it. Or perhaps that was his mind... Either way, he couldn't stand outside forever. He could only hope that there was still a Charmander left for him. What would he choose if not? Bulbasaur, maybe, but he had his heart set on Charmander...

Once he finally gathered the courage to enter, he was met with a man dressed in a white coat, which he assumed as some sort of lab assistant. "Welcome! Are you here for a starter Pokemon?"
Izaiah only managed to nod, nervously. Thankfully that was all that was needed, as he was lead into another room with three Pokeballs on a table, and an admittedly attractive older man puttering around them.

"Professor? This boy is here to receive his starter Pokemon~" The aid chirped, indicating to Izaiah with an outstretched arm. Izaiah had to wonder why he was so excited, but decided not to verbally question it. Instead, he nervously approached the professor, daring to glance up at the man that beamed down at him.

"Ah, welcome, then! What's your name, young man?" The professor extended a hand to shake, "I'm Professor Sycamore." The introduction was brief, as the man shook Izaiah's hand quickly and turned to a table to retrieve a Pokedex and some Pokeballs after Izaiah stuttered out his name. "Izaiah, huh? Well, Izaiah, this is your Pokedex and some Pokeballs. The Pokedex automatically records data on each Pokemon you capture in Pokeballs. Of course, I'll provide you with one Pokemon to get you started." As the professor turned to indicate the Pokeballs on the table, Izaiah discarded the Pokeballs he had been handed into his bag, in favor of admiring the device he had been given. A Pokedex, a real Pokedex...

"Here we have Bulbasaur, the grass Pokemon - Charmander, the fire Pokemon - and Squirtle, the water Pokemon. You may choose whichever you like!"

Izaiah took no time at all to approach the Pokeball on the middle of the table, tentatively touching it with his fingers. A Charmander, his Charmander... Izaiah closed his fingers around the red and white capsule and held it, smiling shyly with welling excitement.

"Charmander, eh? A nice choice. You can give him a nickname if you want to."

Nickname? Izaiah thought for a moment, almost afraid to release the reptile from the Pokeball. What if it didn't like him? What if it wasn't friendly? "Alduin." He murmured the name as he worked up the courage to summon forth his new companion; an orange and yellow lizard that stretched his arms over his head with a squeak, before glancing at Izaiah with big green eyes that all but made the greenhorn trainer melt. "Char! Char!!" It leapt into the air, caught in Izaiah's arms and hugged close. All doubt was now miles away from Izaiah's mind; everything was perfect.

Izaiah suddenly felt as though he could take on the world as he walked down one of the busy streets of the city with a Charmander at his side.

The day carried on like most other days for Courage. He ran some errands early in the day, but now he took the time to relax. It was early in the afternoon - about eleven or so. Courage stopped at one of the cafes along Southern Boulevard. He sat at one of the few tables stationed outside with a cup of coffee. Beside him was an Aron, his Pokemon partner. The small steel-type was cheerfully chowing down on a bowl of Pokemon food. The sun was shining brightly down on the city, and courage couldn't be more content.

After he and his partner had finished their afternoon snacks, Courage stood up with a biiiig stretch, then knelt down in front of Aron. "You ready to go, buddy?" he patted the Pokemon on the head, giving the smooth steel a rub. The Pokemon replied with a nod and a happy growl, and with that, Courage stood back up and walked with his Pokemon down southern Boulevard.

The man was coming up to the Pokemon Center soon. As he passed, he met eyes with a boy with his Charmander. This boy looked as if he was on top of the world. He couldn't help but exchange a smile. As he did so, a strange 'hurring' happened, audible over the clamor of all of the people of the city. The sound caused the people of the city to fall silent. Courage stopped in his tracks, just beside the boy with his Charmander right in front of the Pokemon Center. Moments after that sound, the lights in the Poke-Hospital shut down. After taking a look around, anyone could see that building after building was losing power. "Uh oh.." Courage muttered, exchanging another look with the Charmander's trainer, this time, he looked more concerned than anything. The silence was soon broken with the muttering of confusion from the citizens of the city. "This doesn't look good. We haven't had power problems in years.. Let's hope the generators kick in soon... "

Izaiah was immediately startled by the unusual sound, being not used to the noises of a large city. Given the reaction from a passing trainer, though, this wasn't normal. The feelings of unease had crept their way back into him now, and as his heart began beating faster, he looked nervously to the unnamed man. "You mean this isn't, um... n-normal?" Izaiah mentally scolded himself; power outages weren't something to be afraid of, were they? Well, when one was on his own in an unfamiliar area for the first time, maybe it was considered a little more reasonable... Especially considering the fiery lizard was clinging to his pantleg, apparently uncomfortable as well. Izaiah reached a hand down to pat the warm and smooth skin of the Pokemon he had always wanted. "What could make the power go out in such a big city...??" Hopefully he could leave the issue behind once he left the city, if that wasn't a selfish way of thinking. It probably was... but what good would it be for Izaiah to stay here, unable to help with whatever situation had arisen? He would probably just be in the way anyway.

When the younger boy asked his question, Courage nodded firmly. "It's happened maybe once or twice in my twenty-three years here..." Then, another whirring sound interrupted him before he could continue what he was saying. This one was a little louder.. The difference this time though, was that everybody seemed to have a more positive reaction. The first thing to likely be noticed was that the Pokemon center's lights flickered back on. Following the center, were the other buildings in the town, though not all of the lights seemed to resume their functionality. After the mumble of a whir had stopped, a friendly sounding chime played through the city, followed by a woman's voice: Attention citizens of Lumiose city, we are experiencing technical difficulties resulting in the city resorting to it's generators. Please conform to the city's limited power plan and proceed with your day. Thank you!"

Courage then turned to the stranger to answer his second question, "Not sure. Last time it was caused by hordes of electric Pokemon at the Power Plant messin' with stuff. Our generators are pretty strong and with the help of POkemon, it can sustain us for a week or two.. So I'm sure they'll have things up and runnin' again soon. Are you from here? Living here with a power outage can be a bit stressful if you're new to these issues." he admitted, though he was obviously unfazed by the issue, showing he was likely here for a while.

In the meantime, Aron timidly approached the Charmander, staring up at it with curious eyes. "Aron..?" It awkwardly tried to say hello, though he was shy and it showed.

All of these unfamiliar noises were making Izaiah jumpy... not that he wasn't to begin with, but it was worse in a city. At least this time, the sound had a positive reaction, or seemed to. Izaiah knew nothing of a limited power plan, and although he wasn't certain if he intended to stay here for any length of time, it couldn't hurt to find out. "U-um, no, I'm from Camphrier Town. Nothing like this really happens there..." He trailed off, biting his lip for a moment before drawing his eyes up to the older man with a nervous glance. "What's the, uh, 'limited power plan'?" Apparently, this was nothing for any great concern. Still, though... Izaiah's nerves weren't calmed quite so easily.

The Charmander, still lightly clutching his trainer's pants with what claw-fingers he had, turned his attention to the steel Pokemon that had greeted him. Having spent his time in the laboratory with the other starters - Bulbasaur and Squirtle - Alduin had never encountered such a Pokemon before. Not that this made him nervous - this Aron obviously meant no harm. He released his grip from Izaiah and turned to face the Aron with a quirky smile. "Char~"

"Ah," he started, pointing towards the Pokemon Center, "Y'see, since we're running low on power, we had to resort to the generators to keep things running. Things like the Pokemon Center are allocated the most power, while residencies are given just enough to function minimally. The limited power plan basically means that everybody has to do their job to save power and turn off lights, unplug unused appliances. Not doing so can result in the power in your area going much much sooner than the generators might normally allow." he explained thoroughly. "Camphrier town is small enough to usually not have trouble getting power back on, but the entire city is run on the power plant on Route 13, in Lumiose Badlands..." his gaze got pulled towards the two Pokemon meeting, who were striking up a conversation in their own way. "You've got a pretty healthy looking Pokemon! How long have you had this lil' guy?" he knelt down and reached carefully out to the fire Pokemon, rubbing his head gently. "His skin is nice and smooth and his flame is full and hot!" he grinned at the Pokemon. From how he talked, he seemed to know a lot about Pokemon.

Izaiah listened carefully to Courage's explanation. He didn't intend to stay in Lumiose for much longer, so he supposed it didn't matter much either way if he knew about power plans and such, but it couldn't hurt for future reference. There was always the chance that he would return someday, perhaps to battle at the gym, if he decided to follow that path. Hmmm...
His trainer remained quiet, which suited the little Charmander for the moment. He leaned his head into the hand of the stranger petting him, his mouth spreading into a reptilian smile. "Chaaaaaar~" He chirped, apparently quite pleased to be praised in such a manner. Afterall, it was nervewracking in its own way to get a trainer for the very first time; he had to concern himself with meeting Izaiah's approval, hoping they were compatible, and things of that nature. Thankfully, it was going well so far... but it was very early, yet. Alduin wasn't aware of it, but his thoughts nearly mirrored his trainer's.
"O-oh, um, thankyou?" Izaiah swallowed, "I-I just got him today..." He trailed off, apparently in thought for a moment, "...You sound smart- I mean, you can tell if a Pokemon is healthy? I, uh, my family kindof has this family pet... A Poochyena... Well, he's not doing so good, I think... Nurse Joy couldn't figure it out, and I-I know this is sudden and a lot to ask, but..." He swallowed again, visibly nervous of making such a request. "Maybe you could...?" He couldn't choke out any more words. Hopefully Courage would understand, and not get terribly offended...

Courage was enthused by this Charmander. He then gave his Aron some attention, as to make sure he weren't jealous. He continued to do so as he listened to his new acquaintance. As the question was slowly but surely getting pushed out, clearly reluctantly at that.. he nodded attentively, showing a positive response entirely. "Wh-yeah! I'm a Pokemon breeder, so I know lots about Pokemon.. I'm not entirely sure I can definitely help... but if you all have a Pokemon with trouble, I'm inclined to help out." he grinned excitedly. It was entirely clear that Courage loved Pokemon. And he did. He revolved his life around them. Even though he only had an Aron himself, he still loved Pokemon and learning about them. And so, he was happy to agree. "You could say that this is the perfect time to come along with ya since there won't be much to do around here." he laughed slightly, offering one of his hands to shake. "I'm Courage. And this is my Aron." he introduced himself formally.

"Really? You wouldn't mind?" Izaiah perked, visibly lighting up with relief and hope. A Pokemon Breeder had to know a lot about Pokemon, right? Izaiah would take his word for it; he had no reason to doubt Courage. "I-its not too far, and the, um, Daycare is nearby, breeders talk about it a lot, so...?" Hopefully, that would be incentive for Courage to go for reasons other than Izaiah's. It was out of the way, for sure. At least the Daycare Center might give Courage something to do - and enjoy - while he was there, even if its just to check it out, if he had never been there before. Of course, Izaiah was making a dangerous amount of assumptions... "I'm Izaiah, um, this is Alduin." He shook the older man's hand, unsure, but not necessarily afraid. Courage seemed friendly enough, as did his companion.

"It's nice to meet you!" He gave a charming grin to Izah, and kneeled down in front of the Fire Pokemon, "And you too, lil' guy!" After Courage stood back up, he pointed out an alleyway not far from the group. "My place isn't far from here. If you wouldn't mind tagging along, I'd like to grab a few things before we go. 'Specially if I'm gonna be helping out your family's Pokemon. That okay?" he could tell that Izaiah was easily uncomfortable, so he made sure to not be so.. imposing as he usually is.

Aron looked up at the humans, curious about their plans. Even though it wasn't unusual for Courage to be friendly and make acquaintances often, this one was particularly shy, and it made Aron curious. The small Pokemon was shy himself, so perhaps he sensed that trait in common with the human.

Izaiah smiled shyly and nodded, indicating that he was also pleased to meet Courage. He was grateful to have bumped into such a friendly guy, especially one so willing to drop everything and help somebody he had literally just met, before even knowing their name. It seemed as though he was off to a good start on his adventure already. "T-that's fine, um, lead the way?" He was definitely capable of following, at the very least, and it would be nice to not have to immediately begin leading Courage off towards their destination. Izaiah wasn't much of a leader, afterall.

Alduin grinned at Courage, then turned his attention to Aron as the humans conversed. The shiny armor was visually pleasing, and the Charmander could even make out streaks of orange and yellow reflecting from the metal. The Aron was more interesting than Squirtles and Bulbasaurs, he decided, and not only because it was new and unfamiliar.

Courage went ahead and leaed the way. When they eventually ]reached the building where Couragge lived, he lead the way into the lobby. "Feel free to come up if you'd like.. But you don't hafta. I just need to grab a few things n' junk!"

Izaiah followed, taking in the building with the curiosity of a person who had never lived in an apartment before. His curiosity ended there, however; he didn't want to invade Courage's living space. "U-um, I'll stay here," He offered an apologetic smile and bent down to gather Alduin into his arms, careful to keep the tail away from his body as he held the orange creature. He didn't want the Charmander to wander and accidentally set the place on fire, afterall... That would certainly not be a good start.

After fifteen minutes or so, Courage had finally come back down. He had a decently big backpack over his shoulders, Aron trailing behind looking up at the big bag. It'd been a while since they traveled, so he was amused at it's size! "Alright!" Courage started with a toothy grin, "I've got all the necessities!" Though the necessities seemed like maybe a bit much.. Whatever could be taking up that much space was a mystery to Izaiah for now, though. It didn't seem to be heavy, at least.

"Are you ready to go?" He asked eagerly. Traveling was exciting for him!

Izaiah had waited quietly and mostly patiently for Courage's return, taking the opportunity to hold and admire Alduin. A Charmander. A real Charmander, and it was his...

He nearly jumped when Courage returned, smiling sheepishly with a hint of shyness, and nodded. "I-I'm ready!" Boy, was he ready. His adventure as a Pokemon trainer, alongside his partner, and a new friend to boot. He wouldn't have to be facing this nervewracking thing alone, for the time being at least, and he was eternally grateful for that. Especially when his companion was a Pokemon Breeder, who had to have knowledge of Pokemon that would be useful for a beginning trainer.

"Alright!! Let's go!" Courage dramatically pointed off in the direction of their destination. Soon, they reached the gate to route 5. After they passed through, Courage stopped for a moment. As they did, a gentle breeze swept across their path, carrying the scents of summer. He took in a deep, relaxed breath and then slowly let it go. "It's been a while since I've traveled like this..." he started walking down the path with his new traveling companions, "How long did it take ya to pass through here?" he glanced down at Izaiah.

Aron trailed off a bit from his trainer, though avoiding trouble. Courage seemed to trust the Pokemon with that freedom, and Aron seemed to understand that, and better yet, he didn't take advantage of it either.

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"Um," Izaiah swallowed, "Not a super long time...?" Truth be told, he had gotten a little oblivious to how long the trek took him as excitement and nervousness had taken over. It had been worth the nervousness, of course, and he smiled down at the Charmander held carefully in his arms. "I-I guess I lost track of time on my way here..." He had never been good at that whole... keeping time thing. He was impatient and time either stretched on forever or was gone in a flash with little to nothing in between. Anything involving numbers was out of his grasp, from time to birthdays, and had been for as long as he could remember. He hoped that wouldn't negatively affect his Pokemon journey, and shifted nervously at that thought. It was something he hadn't considered just yet and it was, without a doubt, something he didn't like the thought of.

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