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If anybody has any remote interest in Rise/Dawn of the Planet of the Apes roleplays, feel free to PM me. I'm always up for a good POTA RP (and not much else) however, I'll only RP with people who can write paragraph/multiparagraph posts with proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling. I'll toss some example RP posts from Tumblr in spoilers in case anybody wants an idea of how I RP the characters I play (Koba, Blue Eyes, Caesa, and OCs). The examples are on the short side, my reply length will vary depending on how much my partner gives me to work with, and how many characters I'm handling at once.

As anticipated, an ape had come to retrieve Milo. What Koba hadn’t expected was for the alpha to send his eldest son rather than coming himself. How Caesar had fallen… Not caring enough, or perhaps not having the strength, to rescue his own son. The bonobo’s lips pulled back to form a terrifyingly hateful, obviously very pleased grin. He had already won part of the battle. He fully intended to win the war.

            “Get him.”

His group didn’t need to be told twice. The females bared their own fangs and formed a protective circle around the infant, hissing at Blue Eyes as the males ascended upon him, pulling the spear from his grip while taking firm a hold on his arms to hold him in place. They pulled the struggling chimpanzee deeper into their compound, closer to Koba, where their new leader could inspect him and decide what would be done with him. All the while, they glared and snarled at Blue Eyes, the ape who had turned on Koba during the war, in doing so pitting the apes against each other where there had previously been unity.

The bonobo stalked towards Blue Eyes, each movement slow and exaggerated, his fur standing on end to make him appear larger than he actually was, though he was more than a match for the young chimp without making use of such intimidation tactics. He wanted the prince to feel fear, to realize that he had made a very foolish mistake.

         “Caesar… not…. come?”

The bonobo sneered each word, holding out his hand for one of the guns that his apes had smuggled out of Caesar’s city. It was a female who handed it to him, and she hadn’t hesitated. He would remember that - she was a candidate.

         “Caesar not… love… sons enough… to come himself.”

His good eye never left the blue of the prince’s. He needed to judge the emotions that Caesar’s older son was feeling. That would determine which course of action he would take. Blue Eyes wouldn’t know it, but his life was in his own hands.

         “Sent… son to die…”

He lifted the gun, now nearly at point-blank range with Blue Eyes. Rage burned in his eyes, even in the milky gray of the blind one.

         “Koba loved… Blue Eyes… like own son. Blue Eyes… traitor.”

Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes narrowed his eyes a bit as he looked to Ash.

Leave it to him to get them lost.

“You said you knew where we were!”

Great. The day after he got himself attacked by a bear, Ash got the two of them lost in the forest. His father would never let him leave his sight again! He should have known better than to take Ash’s word for it when he said he knew of a ‘secret fishing place’. It had smelled… well, fishy, but Blue Eyes had shrugged that off and went along with it. Now look at where they were! Lost!

“Father will never let me leave again if we get lost!”

Just like that, his alright mood had gone downhill. A frown was pulled firmly over his eyes, the signs having a sharp edge to the movements of his fingers. Ash had really done it now, even if his intentions had been good.

Blue Eyes tore his focus from his bumbleheaded friend and squinted at the landscape, looking for trees with branches that veered off in a familiar way. Blue Eyes had never been down this way before, though, and found that he didn’t recognize anything at all. He hadn’t paid close attention to where they were going, in truth. He had simply followed Ash. He knew better than to do that again.

“I think we came from this way.”

Such things had crossed Caesar’s mind, but having it spoken out loud by another felt different altogether.

Koba had killed apes, so Caesar had killed Koba. To an outsider looking in, it was no wonder it seemed hypocritical. It hadn’t been a decision that Caesar had made lightly, and part of him wondered even now if he had made the right call. But each time he doubted himself, all he could think of was Ash, of the apes Koba had shot, even the apes that had died in the war - all of that had been because of Koba. He had taken many lives, even if not with his own hands directly. The bonobo would not have accepted defeat, it would have been inevitable, and Caesar had to think of the safety of his family above all else. To not eliminate Koba was to put the apes in future danger, each and every one of them. Caesar became a little more sure of his choice every time he thought back on it. There had really been no other.

Even so, the sight of his former friend falling into the endless fiery void would plague his nightmares for the rest of his years, there was no doubting that.

He drew in a deep breath, fixing his eyes on the one speaking to him with an unblinking gaze, as intense as only a seasoned leader could manage.

“If let Koba live… he is… danger to all.  Did what… had to be… done.”

Straightening his posture, shoulders broad and chest out, confidence all but came off of him in waves as he took a moment to let his initial response to sink in before he continued.

“I stand by… my choice. Would do it… again, if I… must. Only if… must.”

It was a thought that made his chest feel heavy, as if it were full of stones, but he had learned that lesson the very, very hard way. Misplaced trust would be the end of all they knew, and he had to be strong enough to take action when action was needed. Sometimes, peace was just not an option. He understood that now, and he was stronger for it


Seeing the chimp sign that silly old name was surreal. How long had it been? He wasn’t even sure. With the plague and the fighting and the chaos, time had been difficult to keep track of properly. If anything made it clear that it had been such a very long time, it was the size of the ape before him. Tall, filled out, muscles on muscles. This wasn’t the little baby he had known anymore, all arms and legs and ears.

And now that he knew this was Cozy, Riley didn’t seem to know how to react. It would have been easy to assume, then, that they were not in any danger. The truth of the matter was that Riley didn’t know him anymore, he only knew how the chimp had been in his youth. Something was clearly different about him. He had a self awareness that could be seen in his eyes, a light behind them that made it undeniable that he was thinking, moreso than a normal chimp. Besides that, there were the other two with him, ones that Riley did not know, and at least the chimpanzee still didn’t look very friendly.

“Please don’t hurt us.”

It was all he could think of to do. He only hoped that Cozy would understand.

Seed didn’t understand. How did the human know his brother’s name? Why was Cozy acting this way? It was almost like he was in a trance, staring at the human with an expression that made Seed hurt inside, although he didn’t understand why. Were the humans doing something to him to make him act funny?

He had made up his mind then and there to defend his brother, but Cozy put out an arm to stop him, not unlike the gesture the smaller human had used on the smaller one.

Cozy’s thoughts mirrored Riley’s, although he didn’t know it. It had been many winters, many cycles of day and night, more than could be counted. Riley wasn’t the same person he had been, a glance alone made that clear. Cozy saw the gun that the human, who might have been Riley’s friend Jay, held. His cheeks filled with air from another nervous breath sucked between his lips.

“Not hurt apes.”

The chimp waited a moment, until Riley nodded slowly, apparently agreeing to the counter request. Cozy turned then, to Seed and Feather.

“If they shoot, you run. Tell Caesar. Not stay, not fight.”

He didn’t wait for an affirmative, he knew he wouldn’t get one from Seed. He began ambling very slowly and cautiously down the ridge on all fours, eyes never leaving the two humans, until he reached the bottom. He stood before them, visibly torn between fear and the desire to reunite with the two of them properly.

It pained him to even wonder if he could still trust them

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