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    Hannah was distracted by the arrival of the Warlord why would he return Walter and Rachel back. It didn't make any sense why would her he bring them back? Though before she could act Warlord had gone turning her attention to Toby hearing him. No fun Luke isn't that boring to hang out but do as you wish. "She said looking over at Lucy. "Mom I don't like it not like him to do something like this, he's up to something I know he is." She said. Looking down at Rachel and Walter smiling hearing Rachel say hey to her. "Hello Rachel glad to see you, bet you have a tale to tell." She said glaring over at Toby as he ask if he should go find Luke or Lila waiting for her mother to answer Toby question. Lucy look at Hannah hearing her speak about the Warlord thinking Hannah might be right looking at Walter's wound noticing he been shot. "Rachel did Tom do this to to Walter?" Looking at her daughter then to Toby. "Yes go find one or the other think my son going to need medical care." She said.  Turning her attention back on her children hearing Rachel say she wasn't sure if she wanted to know. Thinking that she wasn't ready to talk about. "Of course I suppose your right I don't want to hear glaring over at Hannah hearing her . "Hannah she not ready to talk we'll let her be let focus on keeping Walter alive." She said knowing how worried Rachel must be for her brother the way she kept looking back at Walter.

    Luke bit his lip Lila was right he shouldn't be taken all the blame on himself looking at her nodding. "Your right I'm sorry it's both of are faults I'll stop being an idiot." Shaking his head. Then couldn't help but laugh slightly as Miley give him a thumbs up. "What a way to brighten my day." He said looking at Lila nodding. "Yep breathing is the best sign knowing he's still alive." Once in the infirmary he walk over to a a bed putting Diego down on the bed. "Gotta get the bandages." He said going to a cabinet that has the medical supplies he'll need. Chucking hearing Miley say she it was that or she was better at dodging. "We outta play dodge ball at some point see if that's true, and I'll better take a look at that leg your limping on." Closing the cabinet door.

    Derek wagged his tail hearing Hope laugh glad his mission was accompanied getting off of her. Looking over at Will and Rose listening to their talking. Wondering who they were talking about who didn't have manners?   Rose tilted her head looking at Will "Yeah must be his way tp tell you he's happy and alright. She said  hearing him answer her question of what they were doing out in the woods.  "We were playing hide and seek I think not all sure Derek kind of mess the game up wanting to play fetch." She said giggling as Will told her Derek doesn't have manners. "Talk to his parents their the ones who rise him." Watching Derek and Hope.

    Trinity blink looking at the group and seeing Strider she move forward towards him. Tilting her head as Ashley held him standing near them looking at the others wondering if they were threats? Fang kept an eye on Trinity making sure she wasn't going to attack and seeing her stand next to Ashley and Strider. Knowing how protective she could be around Strider.   Hearing Misha say that the wounded needed medical treatment. "I argee with you there, I'm a doctor don't mind if I check on the Zack first." He asked. The way he saw it both Zack and the man been shot in the leg. Nico ran his hand through his hair looking at Russa. "So I notice, I know the difference between teleporting and shadow traveling and thanks for telling me." He said knowing he wouldn't be staying he still had mission to do. Though it would have to wait till he was sure everyone was alright. Looking over at Fang as he took charge  Ashley glare up hearing Misha knowing he was right about getting the wounded medical treatment. "I'll go get some medics we'll sure need them." She said not wanting to let Strider go but knowing she needed to. Plus she knew that Trinity would look after him while she hunt down her healers. Strider open his right eye looking at Ashley grinning. "See I told you I'll come back." He said closing his eye. Trinity sniff his hair as Ashley left to find the healers.

    ((Yes sadly real life is a thing, and my summer going fine already got poison ivy have no clue where I got it. My best guess is one of the dogs give it to me. How's your summer going?))
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